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  1. Guns of Boom Hack ByMeto

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    16 minutes ago, Moloch18 said:

    Script error: luaj.LuaError: load /storage/emulated/0/Download/GunsByMeto.apk: luaj.LuaError: /storage/emulated/0/Download/GunsByMeto.apk:1
    `PK��E��TAndroidManifest.xml�\xTյ�'��Q��    !�@!`T|�!/�<�L�C��h���G+��h}��A)Vm��^�\l������ﶵ��...`

    You try run .apk file as .lua script. Do not do that.

  2. Chainer

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    Anteaters eat ants. For them, this is "food". Will it be a “food” for the human?

    For some things, context is important. If I say that the value has increased by 20, is it a lot or a little? This question can not be answered. I do not know the point of reference and the scale of changes.

    Similarly with pointers. From the outside, the address space of the processes in the emulator is not visible, so it will not work. It will not work at all.

    There is such a thing as a cargo cult. They, too, are thoughtlessly copying the form, not understanding the content.

    [added 1 minute later]

    You can try on the test application and see for yourself.

    GameGuardian (#8fxj06fj)


  3. Chainer

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    This cannot work, if only because the pointer is just the memory address in the address space of the emulator. And from the outside, it is not visible.
    So even if at least 100 levels of scanning, it does not help anything.

  4. For example it call:

    dex2oat --instruction-set=arm --runtime-arg -Xrelocate --boot-image=/system/framework/boot.art -j4 --instruction-set-features=default --dex-file=/data/data/com.app.hider.master.pro/gaia/data/app/com.musselwhizzle.tapcounter/base.apk --oat-file=/data/data/com.app.hider.master.pro/gaia/data/app/com.musselwhizzle.tapcounter/oat/arm/base.odex --compiler-filter=speed

    But it must be:

    dex2oat --instruction-set=x86 --runtime-arg -Xrelocate --boot-image=/system/framework/boot.art -j4 --instruction-set-features=default --dex-file=/data/data/com.app.hider.master.pro/gaia/data/app/com.musselwhizzle.tapcounter/base.apk --oat-file=/data/data/com.app.hider.master.pro/gaia/data/app/com.musselwhizzle.tapcounter/oat/x86/base.odex --compiler-filter=speed

  5. Chainer

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    In fact, the script is looking for every level of everything that can pointed at the data of this level.
    The result is something like a tree or a pyramid.
    After possible pointers have been found, at this level, it is checked whether there are any static regions among them.
    If there are any, then the restoration of the chain for these pointers begins. calculation offsets and saving chain.
    This allows you to speed up the search without building a chain where it is unnecessary.
    It also uses reuse of calculations and so on.
    Static results are excluded from the calculation and the transition to the next level takes place.

    And so, until they reach the limit of levels, or until they run out of data for the search.

  6. Chainer

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    If you are about how to use a script, then you need to find the value in any way before the pointers change, and then call the script.

    If you're talking about how it works inside, then yes, something like this.

    Unfortunately, this works with only few games. If the game uses automatic memory management (Java or C#), then there will be no normal pointer to a static location.
    Or it will be very deep. Or there will be huge offsets.

    In theory, this should work with games that use their own C engines.

    The search itself is very resource-intensive and the deeper, the more calculations.
    The difficulty grows exponentially.

    For example, at the first level, for 3 values there may be 10 pointers, at the second 100, at the third 1000, at the fourth 10000.
    In order to calculate the chain one has to make about 10,000 * 1000 comparisons for level 4. This is a lot.
    So deeper than 4-5 levels, most often, it will not work out.

    Maximum offset also affects the number of results. The bigger it is, the more results and more calculations.

  7. The script is wrong and will not work. It does not search for values. Only change the current value. So if there is nothing in the results, or there is incorrect data, the script will not work.
    It is necessary to alter it to search for values.
    In general, the whole script is to take the 9999 result values and add 120,000,000 to each Dword. This is easier to do through the interface.

  8. Version replacer

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    This all does not make sense. To argue about whether some hypothetical person can or cannot write these 4 lines or not.

    The script is designed for another.

    Here is an example script:

    Postknight Hack Script by Backlift (#3slb8nuy)

    There is such code:

    if gg.VERSION_INT < 83000 then
    	print('ERROR: You need a newer version of GameGuardian app to run this script. At least v8.30.0, Head to the website to update your app.') 
    	goto endall

    How will you run it on the new GG?
    Or do you want to say the author did not want his script stolen?

    Then you urgently need to ban all text editors, because through them you can see the text of the script.
    Start with Windows. It contains the most powerful lua scripting decompiler - Notepad. Urgently write to Microsoft, let them delete it! Faster! Or then someone will steal some scripts from someone!

  9. Version replacer

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    So you think that to write those 4 lines, you need to be "experienced in programming"?
    This is not true. Those 4 lines are very easy to write and they do not need any experience.
    So this is a meaningless conversation.

    Those who need to get a bitter script will get it in any case, so that you do not do it. For example through Lua assembler.
    And this script is the ability to run scripts in which there are errors associated with checking the version of GG.

    Kitchen knife to cut food. If someone cuts people to them, then this is the problem of this person. This thing has a different purpose.

    And you start to complain that someone can use this script for other purposes and for harm.

    You can go complain that you can kill people with knives. It is necessary to prohibit them.

  10. Version replacer

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    What prevents to take to write something like:

    gg.VERSION = '8.39.1'
    gg.VERSION_INT = 83901
    gg.BUILD = 12345
    return loadfile('/sdcard/Notes/BadScript.lua')()

    Is it so hard? Or this could not be done before this script?

    It seems to me for a long time that you are crazy about encrypting scripts and stealing them.
    As soon as someone posted a script, you immediately write a comment or a review to it.
    If the script is not encrypted, then that it should be encrypted.
    If the script is encrypted, then that is badly encrypted.

    Believe me, the world does not revolve around encryption of scripts and their theft.

  11. Version replacer

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    Oh yes, you can cut people with a kitchen knife. A penis - rape.
    Therefore, the fact that you have a knife in the kitchen is good for murderers and bad for everyone else. And the fact that men in pants have a penis is good for rapists and bad for everyone else.
    The same logic.

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