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Apps like app bounty


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Okay as many of you may already know there's apps like app bounty and so on.

These apps allow you to make money or gain points to get gifts cards that you can use how ever.

My question is, can we modify the pay out on apps or some way to ether do them automatically or just exploit the system in some way.

Please post any suggestions, theories, or actual solutions.

Thank you

I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place if so please move it thank you

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Moved to proper section.

Thank you so much, I'm sorry for not posting in correct section.

Update! I've been working with the bot programs provided here in the forums to create a script.

I'm starting to believe I might need a application that can pixel search / scan.

Anyone know of such a thing for andriod? I've been searching and have turned up nothing so far.

Maybe there's some way of decompiling the actual apk and modifying values that way to be able to exploit it.

Anyone have any opinions on this?

Please if anyone could try to help or show more support would be nice and maybe we can have something working in the near future.

Thank you.

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