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Hi @DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER, I assume you're finding for WallHacks; then you can use above comments. It's usually for Unity Engine. You can also check:

  • 1) Items are usually use Texture, rather than defined material each-parts. Thus you can use: Special-K. You can change the Texture in Realtime. It is for PC though, so you need to use Emulators. It is working on "Tencent Gaming Buddy" (older version of: gameloop) from the last time I've been used.
  • 2) If the colors is shaders / using material; you can technically edit it using Special-K, however that's not applicable to physical devices. You can check for reference to "depthBiass" or "Biass" and change it's value into really high number. Might need a little help by dumping the game:


  • 3) Modifying a shaders for WallHack can be tiresome, as it's might depends on your GPU (Mediatek, Snapdragon, etc). Shaders are served by OpenGL in Android, thus you can find all the game shader vertex or fragments inside LibGLES. I'm not sure how to do this on Game Guardian though, probably find the Process Memory Range that are related to OpenGL and do some basic graphical change (Resolution low to max, etc). For example PUBGM WallHack using GL: RedMan
  • 4) You can start from the basic by finding RGBA values of the Item. RGB ranges from 0 to 255 & A only 0 to 1. It can also take hexes form: Hex Color Codes. RGBA values are also Floats type.


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3 hours ago, DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER said:

Cách tìm giá trị màu của bất kỳ vật phẩm/tường nào cho bất kỳ trò chơi nào

Usually the value 1 Float memory CA

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