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  1. Hi @DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER, I don't understand; why you're asking for anti-ban for literally 2 games. Sounds like you're under-estimating the process of making anti-ban. It is time consuming process and also definitely hard. Both hiding cheats and making anti-ban is depends on the anti- cheat. I can't promise anything, but I will let you know if I found something interesting. Also, is it a coincidence for you two asking for anti-ban @HEROGAMEOfficial. I don't get it.
  2. MC189

    How to find Anti BAN?

    Hi @DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER, AntiCheat is different from game to game. Please mention your games name and probably create a new topic.
  3. Hi @SamsungS7User, it looks like there's some issue happening on Samsung devices. Can you clarify some of this?: 1) What Android version you're on? 2) Please attach some logs & video about the problem. You can create logs by going inside Game Guardian > Fix It > Generate Logs. Game Guardian will restart itself and records it's activity, please do the same behaviour that causing the Game Guardian to crash. The logs will be generated inside Internal Storage, then send it here. It is still unclear to me as "crashes" can be caused by literally anything. For now you can run this command inside Termux : su setenforce 0
  4. Hi @STGX44, this is some rare occurences. The problem could comes from Kernel (Android), GG/Game & Security Patches. For now try this command on Termux: Termux su setenforce 0 Similar Thread: - Device can't use Game Guardian - Search causes reboot problem
  5. Hi @DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER, can you tell me: what's the problem that forbids you from accessing the site? So here's some alternative: 1) You can use: Aurora Store. It is an alternative to Google Playstore with much ability such as: Multi-thread downloads, Able to download Older version of the game based on Version Codes, allows you to spoof Architecture (you can choose any architecture you want) 2) You can use: Raccoon. It is for PC though (Linux, MacOS, Windows). You can download any APK from Google Playstore through that (not 3rd-party server). So it is a good alternative. 3) If your Internet Provider forbids you from accessing the site, you can use Custom DNS: (CloudFlare) or (AdGuard). Or you can use VPN in general. Feel free to ask me, if you curious about VPN or Custom DNS. Please provide more context regarding your problem. If possible; attach some screenshot, so I can understand more about the problem.
  6. MC189


    Hi @nok1a, if you look at the Google Drive link, the filename is the same as the url: > URI: drive.google.com/file/d/1hy7ZvNKhQqeC6VyvgesQ_KhXmuStDhtb/view > Filename: 1hy7ZvNKhQqeC6VyvgesQ_KhXmuStDhtb When you're downloading some files, the received bytes will be stored temporarily in a cache or the files that are being downloaded. This explains why it has the same size. 1) It is possible there's a bug within the Google Drive app. When the files are downloaded: the cache (.bin) are not deleted automaticly, thus resulting in duplicate files. 2) Upon runtime, it looks like the script has some kind of name checking. If the filename is mismatch, which the correct name should be "Punball Scripts 3.5.3 By An Kino"; it will redownload the script from a URL (Still the same Google Drive Link). The new script will have the correct name and then you can run it normally. But, in your case, it's either "still in progress of recompiling / merging the bytes" or "still in downloading stage", thus having a weird name with (.bin) extension; because it's not completed. EDIT: I can confirm that the script is not downloading from a URL. The script is only rewriting itself if the filename mismatch, thus, can happen offline.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Hi @DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER, there's actually enough resources for you to do Shaders Dumping. Special-K can also do this via their Real-time Shaders viewer. You might want to create a new Topic to talk about this:
  10. Hi @nok1a, are you refer to "STR" instruction?: STR: is intended to STORE Register, an opposite of LDR (LOAD Register) X21: is destination of the Register to Store, which X is for 64-bit or W for 32-bit SP: is Stack Pointer, a Register that's mostly hold temporary variable #0x30: is the Offset from SP ! : Writeback syntax: will writes the address (and offset) into itself. Thus we know, the value from the Stack Pointer is 64-bit, but we don't know what's the value to be specific. Thus you can directly edit the current X21 with immediate value: MOV X21, #0 --for values MOV X21, 0x123 --for address I also wasn't sure what X21 is containing, it might be some address through ADRP, or else.
  11. Hi @DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER, there's several way to find MainActivity. First, I wanted to talk about the Roblox itself. It looks like there's multiple component that's likely to be the MainActivity: 1) ActivitySplash: Using some tools, this component is marked as MainActivity. 2) ActivityProtocolLaunch: It is the activity that responsible to launch the Game 3) RobloxApplication: This was found inside the manifest.xml from <application> scope. Using the second Activity, I was able to launch the game like this: am start com.roblox.client/.ActivityProtocolLaunch Now, how there's 3 possible MainActivity? You can find MainActivity for every apps using various ways: 1) You can use: MyAndroidTools Pro (requires Root). Inside the App -> ≡ -> Activity -> Roblox -> House Icon. 2) You can also inspect it's Manifest.xml -> <Application -> android:name. 3) If the game can be launched from some Activity, there's a chance it is a MainActivity. It looks like: that's not the case with Roblox: 4) If you want it only to launch the Game, you can Launch the game without MainActivity at all. Here we can use MonkeyPatch: monkey -p com.roblox.client -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1
  12. Hi @DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER, I assume you're finding for WallHacks; then you can use above comments. It's usually for Unity Engine. You can also check: 1) Items are usually use Texture, rather than defined material each-parts. Thus you can use: Special-K. You can change the Texture in Realtime. It is for PC though, so you need to use Emulators. It is working on "Tencent Gaming Buddy" (older version of: gameloop) from the last time I've been used. 2) If the colors is shaders / using material; you can technically edit it using Special-K, however that's not applicable to physical devices. You can check for reference to "depthBiass" or "Biass" and change it's value into really high number. Might need a little help by dumping the game: 3) Modifying a shaders for WallHack can be tiresome, as it's might depends on your GPU (Mediatek, Snapdragon, etc). Shaders are served by OpenGL in Android, thus you can find all the game shader vertex or fragments inside LibGLES. I'm not sure how to do this on Game Guardian though, probably find the Process Memory Range that are related to OpenGL and do some basic graphical change (Resolution low to max, etc). For example PUBGM WallHack using GL: RedMan 4) You can start from the basic by finding RGBA values of the Item. RGB ranges from 0 to 255 & A only 0 to 1. It can also take hexes form: Hex Color Codes. RGBA values are also Floats type.
  13. Hi @jsjehdhdhdb, there are several circumstances to this: 1) Make sure you're installing GG as Default Installation or Defect (not prefered to specific x64 or x86): GG Installation 2) Sometimes this is caused by Daemon fail to access / find target Library for specified Architecture. You can try to fix this by using: Termux and put this command inside: su setenforce 0 --Need to redo if the Phone Restart/Shutdown The purpose of this to set the SELinux to Permissive. There's several way to this: - Open /etc/selinux/config and set SELinux to: disabled - Use Magisk module: SELinux Permissive 3) Also check for Game Guardian Root permission (Magisk / SuperSu).
  14. Hi @1x1, is this what you're looking for? gg.makeRequest gg.makeRequest('your-protocol://your-url/your=method?your-query=query-value', {['your-header']='header-value'}, 'your-data=data-value') Note that: - your-method is limited to GET or POST - your-protocol is limited to HTTP or HTTPS - SSL on HTTPS protocol will not be verified Read more here: LUA Captur & MakeRequest
  15. Hi @LaToM, percentage are operators, thus you just need to change the initial value, unless you're changing the result of that mentioned percents.
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