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daemon errors and errors failed when running daemon

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    • By YeetMeister
      hello, i came up with a stupid idea i want to complete,
      imagine you made a script but oh no, you lost the source or something, because the Script has Outdated Addresses.
      this Script changes the Defined hex Values
      offsets = {
          "A76", --//offset:67//block:67-69//length:3//hex:41 37 36//edit:43 42 37
          "A79", --//offset:70//block:70-72//length:3//hex:41 37 39//edit:33 41 42
          "B66", --//offset:79//block:79-7B//length:3//hex:42 36 36//edit:31 38 41
          "C76", --//offset:82//block:82-84//length:3//hex:43 37 36//edit:32 31 33
      menu 1 select the file
      menu 2 enter hex values(unchanged)
      menu 3 enter new Hex Values
      save Script done.
      i dont know, it doesnt sound hard but i just dont know how to do it
    • By MilkyGT
      So in the video there have Hide menu and its work very well and why if i touch other side on screen (red circle) the script ended i try to put everywhere gg.setVisible(false) but still didnt work 
      Untitled 3 1280x720 3.78Mbps 2019-12-19 12-15-53.mp4
    • By swap31599
      can someone guide me making script that will only work on one device per username/password ....I am not being able to code it
    • By rotemza34
      when i get in the lua executer i open /storage/emulated/0 
      and i cant get to download i cant create new folders i cant get in anything there someone can help me plz ? how i fix it
      (i dont see there any folders)
      GameGuardian Problom.mp4
    • By imskeletonking
      I need help for coding of offsett 
      This topic is for pubg mobile

      The wallhack i.e vehicle wallhack and body wallhack is 804 offset distance from vehicle cokor and body color.....
      But 1 problem after every search the table location for vehicle color and body color change thats why i am not able to locate the exact position of that address
      The code i write with the offset is below
      Any help
      gg.searchNumber("3152519739159347240" , gg.TYPE_QWORD) ---your group search value / or your search number
      p = gg.getResults(20)  
      gg.editAll("36", gg.TYPE_QWORD)
                 -- saving the result
      for i, v in ipairs(p) do
       if v == nil then goto exit
       v.address = p.address + 0x804
       v.flags = gg.TYPE_QWORD
        v.value = "4878524296349089792"
        v.freeze = true
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