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Enyby Can you fix this script?

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16 minutes ago, DESTR0LLERSE said:

1) the link is broken.

2) You never said (please).

I do not think anyone will help you with the two problems mentioned above.

Yea link is broken .

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7 hours ago, TopGEOYT said:

Yea link is broken .

Looking into it...

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2 hours ago, d2dyno said:

Looking into it...

What? Websites have new bug . I can download anything what us uploaded by this "Click to choose files" .

When I am clicking on it then it tells error . 

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, TopGEOYT said:

I can download 

Not i can. I cannot download.  Sorry its keyboard error .

Edited by TopGEOYT

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22 hours ago, LyojBy said:

Try to fix this script so that he can execute it. 

This is a self-targeting of a moba game.

1百里超强自瞄破解源码.luaFetching info...




Really? Ask in here? There are lots of people 

can be asked and you ask here instead?

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