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Uploading decrypted scripts

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Following the discussion, which took place in the comments of a single file, it was decided to prohibit the upload of decrypted files as separate files.
You can upload
in the comments section, or in the support topic, for the original file.

All individual uploads will be deleted if the original is present on the forum.

Below is a discussion that was copied from the comments on the file that was deleted.

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On 10/10/2018 at 7:17 PM, TopGEOYT said:


This is decrypted version of VIP script for c-ops

Decrypted by Top GEO





On 10/10/2018 at 8:14 PM, CmP said:

Hmm, I guess that "Decrypted by Top GEO" in the name and description of the file should be replaced with "Decrypted by GG built-in feature and/or UnLuac", do you agree?


22 hours ago, TopGEOYT said:

No bcs I decrypted it. Yes I agree that it is by unluac and replace pcall text to print but I made it . it maybe decrypted by tools but I decrypt it. So cmp I agree u 40% ☺


4 hours ago, THE-MIKI-KING said:


you could not share just leave it for yourself


2 hours ago, CmP said:

The thing is that almost anyone is able to decrypt such weak-protected scripts, but only you (and few others) are posting those decrypted versions as new file at the forum. I see no problem with you decrypting scripts, but there is a problem with you uploading them as new files and writing everywhere that YOU (not anyone else, not the tools that were used) decrypted them. Let me explain, why I consider such behavior as anti-pattern for any forum member.

Firstly, uploading decrypted version of the scripts as new files is bad idea, because this leads to same script being published in 2-3 (or more) different forms by 2-3 (or more) different forum members. What's the point of tons of script files on the forum, if only small part of them is unique?

Secondly, you demonstrate your disrespect to the REAL author of the script by publishing it's decrypted version as separate file, EVEN IF you credit the author. You want to upload decrypted version of the script for "learning purposes" (as you have written earlier)? Then do it in comments to the original file! Don't create new file for this purpose! Stop polluting "Lua scripts" section!

Lastly, stop feeding your ego by writing "Decrypted by Top GEO" everywhere (file name, file description, screenshots, etc).

These self-credits are redundant, don't you understand it?

It would be fine, if someone, who put a lot of effort and spent much time, credits himself (one time) in description of his work, BUT you are not creating something, not spending the time and not putting the effort in, you just follow one easy and fast algorithm for decrypting bad-protected scripts, nothing more. I was trying to understand why you are doing this, yet no logical explanation has been found.


1 hour ago, XxhentaixX said:

 so this guy is a type of thief, he decrypts but he int making the scripts...does he even has permission of the original maker of the scripts to do that?


1 hour ago, CmP said:

Can't be sure about this, but it looks like he never asks permission of script authors before posting decrypted versions of their scripts.
I recall, it would be okay, if he was posting his decrypted versions in comments to the original files, but publishing them as new files is unacceptable due to the reasons stated in my previous comment.



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