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Cheat Engine

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I have just come across this YouTube channel that has lot's of tutorials for Cheat Engine.

By watching these I have learned more about how GG works and how to hack games.

I highly recommend this to anyone.


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I don't know how much can be useful, Cheat Engine is totally different in most parts from GG.

I think is more useful go through the video gallery of GG forum where there are many tutorial focused on GG.

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I already watched the video this guy, very good, the guy is good. But for GG has several good tutorial with teaching and I love to see and learn

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The video section of this website has plenty of useful tutorials using GG specifically. As for the people who say GG and CE are different, to an extent. Both are memory editors so the basic memory scanning tutorials probably would be helpful, even some for reverse engineering but those wouldn't be helpful for GG


In a nutshell, the videos provided by the staff and users on this website provide everything that you would need for GG,  and the biggest thing is to remember that CE is meant for computer games and data is handled differently as well. 


Have fun! 

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I know this thread is quite old but hoping my post might revive it so it is read......

I saw a video to hack a game but he is using Cheat Engine to do it. How do I replicate these searches in GG:

BS:12 000:A 4:10 4:20 4:70

BS:12 000:A 4:18 4:8 4:25

BS:8 000:A 4:1000 4:700

BS:800 000:A 4:10 4:2500 4:1450 4:12000 4:500 4:4340



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