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  1. What you mean? that you cannot play multiplayer or events with the R&D cars win with the script?
  2. for autocomplete all mastery races: looking for 7; 1; 0; 0; 0; 0; 8::25, then refine for 8 and replace with 1 (reduced the number of racers from 8 to 1) looking for 7; 1; 0; 0; 0; 0; 6::25, then refine for 6 and replace with 1 (reduced the number of racers from 6 to 1) looking for 7; 1; 0; 0; 0; 0; 1::25, then refine for 7; 1::5, then refine again for 1 and change with 0 (number of laps from 1 to 0) Enjoy your hack and future banning.
  3. i know exactly how to hack R&D. I mean that a video should be explained to help others to learn. The purpose of your video is only to show skill And its totally wrong that from lab 1 to 44 you can use the string 7;1:50
  4. Thi is not a usefull video to learn R&D for a noob. The author nor explain nothing. He search for 9714 that is lab 10 not lab n 9 nd 7 and 1 are just specific number of lab 10. so this is not a general rule to hack R&D but only to search for lab 10 and the scroll back to go in lab 9 9713.
  5. If you use hacked rank in TLE you finish in CB or directly banned, and your hacked rank will be show in the leaderboard and all racer will see it
  6. Until we can't see any tutorial for hack served side items, I am right. You are supposing there is a way but not any proof.
  7. Maybe is a good way if someone explain how to hack Rank + Hack Vip Level. But If you play Events with hacked rank you will finish in CB. So don't do that!
  8. For the moment there isn't any way to hack server side items. At least if you hack them (tokens car) you get banned
  9. ID Code for MP4-25 Championship NEVADA 16040 to 16042 AZUR COAST 16043 to 16046 TOKYO 16047 to 16050 VENICE 16051 to 16055 ISLAND 16056 to 16060 ALPS 16061 to 16066 BARCELONA 16067 to 16072 RIO 16073 to 16079 The sub goal ID are the same as the McLaren M14A championship (see above) Enjoy!
  10. and maybe without play the race lol
  11. You will banned if you use hacked token cars for MP and LTE. You can use any any car for replace the trion, even the dodge dart
  12. In EDD R&D and McLaren Championship even are online the race time is not stored in the server so GL cannot check if you hacked the pro upgrade or something else. Different in TLE where your time is recorded into the server so if you hack pro upgrades you will finish in CB
  13. Maybe this is the video for you I guess you can even use an id code of a car still not out like for example the Impala but I didn't test it
  14. My bad, I mean 1600x but I wrote wrong the number LOL EDIT the list correctly
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