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  1. ok, thank you so much, I hope you can find the value to hack game, thank you again
  2. i'm sure, I hope you can help me [added 0 minutes later] and I can ask a question again ? after you hack gold in game, you can use it ?
  3. oh oh, I understand, thank you again, and you can help me a game offline ? I can't find the value of game but I need to ask this is my link but I need help from you https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MeteoGames.AlterDogma&hl=vi
  4. wow, perfect, but you search with value wwhat ? you can for me know again ? thank you
  5. So in the game you have hacked what ? you can say for me know ? thank you again
  6. how ? please guide for me and everyone, you can ? thank you so so so much
  7. help post [added 0 minutes later] you can add tag request, help … you can guys will help you
  8. I can hack diamond but it also play arena 1 times, after you will can't open ảrena again
  9. i can't hack use your way, how ? you can make a video it ? please
  10. hi you, you can hack game in link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MeteoGames.AlterDogma&hl=vi, please help me, I am going to post a for game but My previous articles don't any who reply
  11. hi, so you hacked star in game ??? thank you
  12. hey you, thank you but why you don't hack level ??? please help me, I can't hack it
    hi you, thank you for your script, but why you don't hack level ??? please help me, I can't hack it, when I hack level it always crash game every times change value
  13. thank you so so so much, I used it I calculatored xor of 100, and it was right
  14. oh oh,thnk you again [added 3 minutes later] hey, I can't understand how to use it ?
  15. Qusdrok

    Calculate offset,xor

    thank you, but you have link it ??? please
  16. thank you again [added 4 minutes later] thank you, but I want download app in picture ??? you have link it ??? please help me because I don't see link download it
  17. thank you again, so I can ask you, hơ to you can calculator 200 xor 444442 ??? you can guide for me, please help me
    hi you, thank you, but game updated, script not work in version
  18. Qusdrok

    LUA scripting

    what script hack game ???
  19. why you don't hack diamonds ??? please help me
  20. what is logcat ??? please explain for me
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