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  1. FahimZS

    Need cheat for Final Fantasy Dimension II

    Search the gold or gems you have and there is a tick box saying"The value is encrypted" tick that box then search after that increase or decrease your gold or gems refine again after sometime you'll get about 5-10 values or less edit them to whatever you want
  2. FahimZS


    I don't think that hack will work right now
  3. FahimZS


    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixel.gun3d This one probably
  4. FahimZS

    please help for beginners

    Price of the upgrade then search the value in dword edit all and make them -999999999
  5. FahimZS

    please help for beginners

    Search the they cash needed for an upgrade i searched 8000 in dword and edit all make them -999999999 then buy the upgrade "higher values are easier to find"
  6. FahimZS

    please help for beginners

    Here's what i found
  7. FahimZS

    Speed hack value

    how can i search game speed in value like "1;1;1;0.0001;20;0.0005;0.4::50" this for any game? is there any way i can find out game speed value? if there is then let me know Thank You
  8. FahimZS

    Why this script error?

    @Enyby Well i was using a rules of survival script and i got an error there so i saw that there was used editall and there was something like a[1] or something like this and for this i was getting error when i removed [1] from there it was working fine now my question is why it was not working?
  9. FahimZS

    Why this script error?

    @Enyby sometimes array doesn't work why?
  10. FahimZS

    New moderator: NoFear

    Congratulations master @NoFear
  11. FahimZS

    Ejen Ali : Emergency

    I was also thinking about this method but then i had some work to do and i didn't do anything
  12. FahimZS

    Asphalt 8: Airborne Database

    Where did you got the car id?
  13. FahimZS


  14. FahimZS

    Rules of Survival See through walls

    I also want to know how did you got the wall hack value
  15. FahimZS


    Tell me too master