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    Cannot shoot at the enemy after use
  1. esp and other features do not work in version 3.9.7.
    Please help! I run my game guardian in Dr clone, but the game it's not showing it says 'This version has not been optimized'
  2. Please help! My parallel space cannot update Google play after i reset my phone and some game with google play can't open, any solution?
    Good script working fine thank you.
    Chams doesn't work for me.
  3. Could you please do hack for energy war?
    Big demage and hp hack doesn't work for me
    All features working well but i got banned only play for two matches.
  4. Could you add aimbot?
  5. The aim somtimes buggy any help?
  6. Please add magic bullet
  7. Hi bro can you make this script for dead trigger 2? thanks.
    I use aimbot and easy kill, but sometimes the bullets don't hit the enemy.
    Thanks it working can you make for diamonds?
    Please make tutorial video for police stations, i dont know to use it, alwasy fail when copy adders.
    Script eror can u fix it?
    No ultra aimbot on you're script, some hack didn't work well need to fix it again thanks.
    Chams 1 and 2 doesn't work for me ,when I press it nothing happens, but the others script work normally thanks for making a good script.
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