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  1. You can reduce the freeze interval, and you can check hide 4 from the game。 The disappearing tower, just adjust the three frozen values yourself. I set my field of view too high.
  2. I don't know. The delay in my game is too high. I've unloaded the game.
  3. I found unlimited attack distance. xa FLOAT 0.001;511::5 0.001improve999
  4. View File mobile legends lua x-ray and Expansion of visual field I need a comment. Submitter yunkun Submitted 08/10/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  5. Version 1


    x-ray and Expansion of visual field I need a comment.
  6. Mainly because I can use it at 85.0, 85.1 can't be used.
  7. After the update, the script can only modify the value of the first search, and the values of the other searches listed later cannot be improved, just as a feature has to be turned on in the first and second steps, which cannot be written in the same function.
  8. I am updated later, the implementation of script only the script of the first search for the value of the value can be changed to arrange the other function in the back of the function is unwanted by the words that are written into one option as it is too trouble I want to change back, so that each script chooses a function if you want to pass the two values to be able to change the file in the script to write the first step in the first step is too trouble
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