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  1. richprayer

    Ragnarok​ M​ Eternal​ Love​ Hack​

    I dont think ragnarok is hackable with Game Guardian, i send 2 PM to @Thevilish, and his not responding. Maybe its just a coincidence that his hack work or may some other thing i will not mention my self. we can try hacking ATT, it work only on our phone, but the server side is doing the "real" thing. If my comment is totally wrong, please advise. Real life is already hard, why people bother making a game harder for life.
  2. richprayer

    Unaligned / big-endian search - GameGuardian

    What is big Endian? What is unaligned? Can you give me some enlightment?
  3. richprayer

    GameGuardian Lollipop Fix

    Im using Zenfone 2 with pre rooted fw on lollipop 5.0, on initial testing, the guardian is running without auto closing like the previous version (BRAVOOOOOOOO), haven't done any in game testing though.
  4. richprayer

    GameGuardian Lollipop Fix

    OMG only within a week guardian release 2 different version to solve the lollipop mystery. Bravo.