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  1. When I try to start, I receive the following message (see the attached file)
  2. the problem is that the developers of "last day on earth" know me and whenever I publish a hack they patch it by launching a new update. and to add that the YouTube community does not help to look for new vulnerabilities on the contrary, they just wait for me to publish a hack to copy it. as someone would say from this forum, (mediocre youtubers). I will look for how to hack the game again, but keep in mind that the developers will patch it again. Bro, you're a genius. I've been watching your break-ins for months, and I haven't seen anything like it in anyone else. Good luck with your hard work. And freezing items at 1.7.10 still works. I do everything like you do, but when I split the end of the fuel is divided into fuel, not the items that I chose through the script
  3. Let's hack the V. I. P in this game
  4. I have green mark only for java. How can I move green mark to the app?
  5. I try use Droid4X for this game, but watch printscreen
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