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  1. i must say good bye to GG, since i have a lot happening in my life, see ya and gud luck XD

  2. Death strike


    Aqua must have is own reasons to keep the dog
  3. back in the game

    1. d2dyno


      Sorry about that...lol

  4. i hacked elphis with and older version... it's easy, search an older version and with gg is very easy to hack it
  5. thisi is my best savedata http://www.mediafire...9jd85f605ox7usr
  6. Because your phone is slow It happens to me, from time to time U must wait a long time, not always, but sometimes that's normal
  7. I think i uploaded a savedata of bad blood 1.11 Ley me check
  8. Root is giving super user permission to the phone, like a pc
  9. Use an older version and then update
  10. Bs 2011 or 2012 If it's for 2011 i have a savedata and hacks
  11. I hacked the version 1.0.2 offline mod I hacked almost everything
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