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Found 32 results

  1. Save

    Hello Credits to d2dyno: Use Titanium Back-Up : Instructions: To Install Titanium Backup Pro: Always make sure USB Debugging is "Enabled" Download .zip file: Extract contents to sdcard, install both apps. Run Titanium Back-Up first then Run the TBPatcher4x app, and "Press for Activate"
  2. Is there anyone who knows a cheat, hack (infinite Gem or Coins) or save file that for Happy Pet Story here?
  3. Name-Real football 2013 Version-1.0.3 Link- File- 1.Finish Tutorial(pre-season) 2.Extract above you get 2 files, copy it to root/data/data/com.gameloft.R3HM/files/here Overwrite both files Now game is Hacked You get 888M cash and 888M gold
  4. download this file extract it and place 3 files to mnt/sdcard/titaniumbackup restaue em via titanium backup
  5. Save

  6. Includes normal and hard saves starting at the beginning of the game for each of the three races/campaigns. Copy com.digitalreality.ig2 folder to Android/data. Done.
  7. Save

    File Name: The Dark Knight rises File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 02 Aug 2012 File Category: Gamesaves Click here to download this file
  8. Frnds, Here I will b posting my own played actual savegame files instead of TB Backups, coz TB Backups doesnt work for many users like me... 1) Dungeon Hunter 3 v1.3.6 https://www.dropbox....egame 2) The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.1 https://www.dropbox....egame More game's savegame files, comin soon...
  9. Mod

    Game: Game Name: Battle Bears Gold Version: (2.1) Root Needed: No Hack Description: -Unlimited Ammo, -No wait for refire/trigger -Equip any item free *Need to Re-Equip items after relaunch of app. Steps:1.First Install Battle Bears Gold 2.1 2.Run the game until you sign in 3.Go to your files sdcard/android/obb 4.Move the net.skyvu.battlebearsgold folder to sdcard/android 5.Then after that go to sdcard/Android/data 6.Move net.skyvu.battlebearsgold to sdcard/ 7. Then Uninstall Battle bears gold 8.Go back to sdcard/android and move back the net.skyvu.battlebearsgold to sdcard/android/obb 9.Go back to sdcard/ and move back the net.skyvu.battlebearsgold to sdcard/android/data. 11. Download the MOD 12. Have fun killing some bears :3 Credits to Me! and Thank you to TriggerSomething for testing. -
  10. Save

    THIS TIME YOU NEED TO : RESTORE APP+DATA The zip file has an apk also bcoz zen5 saves progress on app it self thanks to agh uzephi for guiding if save not works then let me know just message me Contains: berserk on lvl 14 first boss defeated god like avatar see video for trouble shoot and TIP- link -
  11. Game: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints Publisher: Gameloft Version: 1.0.0 File submitted: 17. jul 2012 File submitter: DPluss File category: gamesaves 2 titanium backup saves: -Story mode completed, lots of money, max level, all buyable weapons,vehicles,clothes(bonuses locked, you must collect them) -Only prolouge missions complete(3, because of rank), 99million$, all buyable weapons with max ammo, all buyable vehicles, all clothes, player skills maxed out! Story completed save: 0% unlocked stuff save: Enjoy!If you found this useful like my post!
  12. save file with billion money replace this xml file with xml file in data/data/com.madfingergames.deadtrigger change permissions to Y = Checked box N = Unchecked box Y-Y-N Y-Y-N N-N-N - Xml file link - http://gameguardian....gger-xml-hacked Titanium Backup - install titanium backup then download and extract Titanium Backup save file and restore data only. Titanium Backup save file -
  13. Save

    here is a save game for back stab HD Unlimited money is hacked In this unlimited ammo and unlimited bombs is hacked Download here : Password to Mediafire : shubham I have Uploaded to Mediafire (sorry) but due to black theme i am not able to upload files Again sorry d2dyno So i have kept password to Mediafire Thanks if you Forgive me
  14. Was after a Save game of Fieldrunners 2 for IOS Have the Iphone5, so jailbreak is not possible, and dont fancy paying out $4 or what every time i want a few extra coins. Any chance someone can change the coin values to 99999 and upload the save game for me please Thanks
  15. version:1.1 market link: can someone put a gamesaves how to hack the coin and crystal. Thank You
  16. Save

    Name of Game:Beach Buggy Blitz Game Version if known:v.1.2 Name of Cheat:Restore [Root need] Steps:(scroll down to download) Put every file in your titanium backup folder Start the Titanium Backup Press menu button Batch Restore Start playing:D Hack BY MynKry My Phone: Xperia Play Jelly Bean 4.1.1 FreeXperia CM10.1 My Tablet : Asus Google Nexus 7 Stock Rooted Jelly Bean 4.2 My Youtube Chanel: For more hack : Check out : And an also kernel : Website : DOWNLOAD : (first extract , you need 3 file ) link :
  17. Hi, I'm looking for a save for - Angry Bids v3.0.0 - Angry Bids Rio v1.5.0 - Angry Bids Seasons v3.1.1 - Angry Bids StarWars HD v1.1.0 - Angry Bids Space HD v1.32 100% with new levels thx
  18. Save

    hey guys !! i just made a new hack for dungeon hunter 3 !!!!! working in the last version 1.3.8 link : just copy the 3 files in titanium backup folder for a video :
  19. Save

    Can somebody provide a save file for the game indestructibleh with cracked coins (usually), and skill , and level, please, I beg you (translation of google translate
  20. Save

    hi i am looking for a savegame for plants vs zombie am when a plan would make his save
  21. Save

    So i boucing around yesterday looking for ways to hack all my glu games....I got most of them filled with cash and coin,except for FLC!Been using Front_line_patcher.apk but no luck.Then I successfully hacked Bug Village with gameguardian ,so I decided to try that again on FLC.Uninstall it completely,along with the patcher app,then redownload and start it.Now,you now when you finish the tutorial you'll be ask to buy the 250$ sniper rifle right??I cannot buy it!!!I can see that I have 400$ but it keep telling me that I don't have enough cash and show up the glu pack offer...I can't continue to play it anymore.What should I do?? ( I downloaded the lastest version on Google Play ) Sorry for the long text but I just want to be as precise as possible.If anybody have had the same problem plz share it here!Thank you! :'(
  22. Save

    can any1 hack this game. .
  23. game save courtesy of Death1 Here Is a savedata with some good stuff Use titanium backup to restore
  24. please upload these hack saves