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  1. Any chance we can get a file that has a smaller amount? I think that is what they are using to detect some of our mods.
  2. Play Store Icon Image Name of Game:Chicken Revolution Game Version if known: 1.0.0 Name of Cheat: Gold Steps: Open both Chicken Revolution, and GameGuardian. Start a round Pause the game and do a search for the amount of gold you have Kill a few chicken then search again for the amount of gold You may have to search 2 or 3 times change the amount of gold you have to whatever Complete the round and you have that gold If you do this while on the store screen or main screen, it will not change.
  3. Yea, this was an Jelly Bean error. It would not work on the latest version of Jelly Bean that I had. Changed back to ICS and worked just fine.
  4. Change the visiblity rate once you find the icon. Under Settings.
  5. Sorry, I cannot stay on site very long, send me an email on what you are looking for or reply back here.
  6. While Game Guardian 5.6 is not detected by Gamevil to start a game, it does notice the search and causes the game to crash. Tested on Samsung Captivate with Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and Chicken Revolution and Arel Wars 2
  7. Just to added to this: In ICS I have not found a game that does not require More Regions or All Regions yet. Gingerbread or Froyo most likely true.
  8. FYI all this works with the plinko B A L Ls and also with items you get from plinko game (sorry this only affect the count you see not the count you get, still have to try to change the number and get 1 more matching item and see if the totals moves to that new number). I will later post a tibu backup of my game that has 9 million coins and 1 million plinko B a l l s. stupid censor!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. 1) how many out counts retire an inning? 1- Three 2) Who were the runner up of the MLB world series in 2010? 1- Rangers 3) Who had the most RBI in the 2011 Regular Season? 3- Matt Kemp 4) Which country failed to make the 2009 World Baseball Classic Final? 3- United States 5) What player had the highest batting average in the 2011 regular season? 3- Miguel Cabrera 6) What's Pablo Sandoval's nickname 2- Kung Fu Panda 7) What song do baseball fans break into when Mitch Williams steps out of the bullpen 1- Wild Thing 8) Whose 1996 single to center, in his first regular season at-bat was the first hit by a Red Sox pitcher in 24 years? 2- Roger Clemens 9) Who was the American League base-stealing champ for nine years in the 1980s? 2- Rickey Henderson 10) Who was the winningest active major league baseball manager before he retired in 1996? 2- Tommy Lasorda 11) Who set a major league record for the lowest errors by a shortstop, with 3 in 1990? 2- Cal Ripken Jr. 12) Who was the only baseballer to lay over 500 games at each of five different positions? 1- Pete Rose 13) What homer hitter is known as "The Big Hurt"? 2- Frank Thomas 14) What's Mark Macgwire's nickname? 1- Big Mac 15) Who had the 3rd highest batting avg in the AL for 2011? 1- Michael Young 16) Who had the most RBIs in the AL for 2011? 2- Curtis Granderson 17) What team did Adrian Beltre play for in 2011? 1- Texas Rangers 18) Who had the highest batting avg in the AL for 2011? 1- Miguel Cabrera 19) Who has hit the most home runs in opening day games at 8? 3- Frank Robinson 20) How many baseball gloves can be made from one cow? 3- 5.000000 21) Who was baseball's first Rookie of the Year? 2- Jackie Robinson 22) What country is Sammy Sosa from? 1- Dominican Republic 23) Wood from what tree is used in making the bats used in major league baseball? 1- Ash 24) Against what opposing team did Babe Ruth hit his first career home run? 3- New York Yankees 25) Who was the first Major league player to pitch a ball over 100 mph? 1- Nolan Ryan
  11. Yea, I only make it simple because it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to mod it with Game Guardian. It is very simple in its coding nature unlike a lot of other GameVil games.
  12. Immortal Dusk Version 1.0.0 Game Guardian 5.1.0 or 5.2.0 Quanities, Stat points, EXP, Tech points (Own.P), Gold - Only a basic search is required 1.Search your Starting points 2.Wait until the value changes 3.Search New Value again and you should have it, if not do it one more time. You can also do this armor, weapon, helmet, gauntlet, shoes while you are refining them and change their values. Just a word on k points, that is server side based so impossible to manipulate except on the objects that you are buying.
  13. ==================================== 5.2.0 * Avoid anti-cheating detection. ====================================
  14. I would like to see if someone could mod Immortal Dusk with free k point and all K-items at 1 K point.
  15. Are you values coming up as 4 byte or 2 byte?
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