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  1. You have to download it directly from the site as it was taken down from the Play-store. I have provided a direct download link.
  2. Name of Game: 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip Game Version: 3.0.1 Name of Cheat: Unlimited Guidelines Steps: Download http://www.xmodgames.com/x.apk Download 8 Ball Pool Open up xmodgames Click on 8 Ball Pool Click on Apply Mods (Green Button at the bottom) Click on Launch (On the top right) Enjoy the mod.
  3. Reached 100,000 file downloads. Thank you all and enjoy the mods.

  4. I was going to ask you, Dyno, if you wanted to join me and some friends on the VoG raid when we do it (Not anytime soon). We currently have 4 people, maybe 5. 1. Defender Titan 27 but can be 28 http://www.bungie.net/en/Profile/254/4502741 2. Striker Titan 27 http://www.bungie.net/en/Profile/254/5634613 3. Void/Sun Warlock (Me) 28 http://www.bungie.net/en/Profile/254/4995654 4. Gunslinger Hunter 28 http://www.bungie.net/en/Profile/254/4502753 5. Possible Striker/Defender Titan too, but he's barely a 26. http://www.bungie.net/en/Profile/254/7772544 Let me know if you would like to do it.
  5. The gems are stored on their servers, trying to mod them is too difficult and it willl result in a ban.
  6. Greetings, I hope you enjoy your stay here with us.
  7. The money and gems are stored on their servers and can't be modified.
  8. I used it with a modded apk, that's not the problem.
  9. It works on Android, IOS, and Bluestacks.
  10. The last thing it says is your answer. "You have to restart USC for the changes to take effect." That means you have to create a new server. You have to extract a new USC v4.0.0 and edit the config before you start the server. I don't know why it's edited to say don't change gold or elixirs because you can. You can change any starting values, just don't change the technical functions.
  11. The IP is so that you can connect to the Tool because it runs off of your PC. In order for your Android Device to connect to the tool it needs the IP of the PC running it and the Port..
  12. Brave Frontier Summoner's ModThe Complete Project Introduction Brave Frontier Summoner's Mod - The Complete Project is the most awaited mod in Brave Frontier. It is now time for the users to grab one of the best before they expire! This needs your computer and phone to be connected on the same network. Using WiFi Features You can get a character using only its name You can get a sphere of your choosing You can decide what level of the summon will appear You can decide what type of the summon will appear You can decide how many do you want for each type You can decide how many spheres of kind you want Theoretically, this will work on every region Configurations Android Users Download and Install ProxyDroid (Must be rooted) Open ProxyDroid. Turn on Global Proxy On your computer, open start menu and type 'CMD' without ' A prompt will appear, type 'ipconfig' without ' Look for IPv4 address and add it into the host of ProxyDroid On the port of ProxyDroid add '8880' without ' Open the Project Open Brave Frontier iOS Users Open WiFi Settings Click (i) on your connected WiFi (Right Side) Scroll down to the bottom, then click 'Manual' on the proxy On your computer, open start menu and type 'CMD' without ' A prompt will appear, type 'ipconfig' without ' Look for IPv4 address and add it into the host of the Proxy Beneath is a port, add '8880' without ' Open the Project Open Brave Frontier Bluestacks Users Follow this instructions : Step-by-Step: Using BlueStacks AppPlayer From Behind a Proxy How to Use Summoning a Character Search and Select the desired character. Wait for the server to get its confirmation. Set the Level, Type and Quantity of the summon Repeat 1-3 until satisfied. Click 'Set Summon' Start and Finish a Dungeon You will get the desired summon after the dungeon. Obtaining a Sphere Search and Select the desired sphere. Enter quantity Repeat 1-2 until you got all what you wanted. Click 'Set Loot' Start and Finish a Dungeon You will get the desired summon after the dungeon. Database BF Global : TBP BF Japan : TBP Download Links Zippyshare Tips Use it at your own risk. Do not summon limited characters on quantity. Do not display on public any of the unreleased characters.
  13. No, look below. You have to use the IP Address of the computer running UCS because that's where the server will be hosted from.
  14. The answer to your question is in the Topic. Or just look at the part I quoted above.
  15. Name of Game: Clash of Clans Game Version if known: 6.186.3 Name of Cheat: Private Server, Unlimited Gems, Gold, and Elixirs. What is UCS (Ultrapowa Clash Server)? UCS is a server emulator for the famous game Clash of Clans. UCS allows you to host your own games for you and your friends instead of connecting to Supercell servers. Please note that: UCS is not affiliated with Supercell. UCS is not a cheating tool. Everything happening on UCS will remain private and will never synchronize to Supercell servers. Install UCS Requirements: UCS is a console application developed in C#. It requires: Windows 7 x64 OS (or above) Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 Other configurations may work but are not supported here. How to install and launch UCS? Download latest version at http://www.ultrapowa.com. UCS does not require a system installation. Unrar the archive the folder of your choice (ie. C:\UCS). Run Ultrapowa Clash Server.exe in UCS folder Connect to a server Requirements: Any rooted Android or jailbroken iOS device. I recommand using a rooted version of BlueStacks if you want to play from your computer. You can also connect UCS with a non-rooted or non-jailbroken device by editing your router configuration, but no support is provided for this at the moment. Please note that UCS has been tested with a few devices and some connection issues may remain. With an Android device: Download and install Hosts Editor Add a new row: Hostname: gamea.clashofclans.com IP Adress: address of the computer running UCS (example: With an iOS device: Open /etc/hosts file (can be accessed with iFile) Add a new row: Hostname: game.clashofclans.com IP Adress: address of the computer running UCS (example: Start the game: Ensure you meet all the requirements, then just start the game normally. Edit Server Configuration Description: Server configuration is stored in ucsconf.config file, which is located in root folder. It can be opened with any text editor. Config parameters are: •startingGems: initial gem amount on player creation •startingGold: initial gold amount on player creation MODERATOR EDIT : dont edit Elixir or gold ! •startingElixir initial elixir amount on player creation •startingDarkElixir: unused , modify it with what you want but not too high •patchingServer: Web server used for updating client (ie. csv files). •fingerPrint: technical data, do not edit •buildings: technical data, do not edit •buildingsMap: technical data, do not edit How to edit: You can edit value attribute in xml tags to customize your server configuration. Do not edit key attribute. You will have to restart UCS for the changes to take effect. Image for Proof: Image For BlueStacks rooted :
  16. It only gives you a 100% chance to capture any boss that is allowed to be captured. If you want to know which units, go to the Brave Frontier wiki and search for that unit. If it can only be captured through summoning, then it won't work.
  17. Thanks for having me on board. I'll be doing my best.
  18. Uninstall the regular apk and install the modded one. You have to uninstall your Facebook app and then log in through the Facebook option in the game. After that you can re-install it if you want.
  19. To all the people asking me to send them brave frontier mods. They're right here: http://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/5806-brave-frontier/

  20. This is one way to make yourself look like an a**. He didn't steal any mod because he wasn't taking credit for being the creator. He simply uploaded them here so the users of this forum can be able to download them as well. Also, you took mods from another site and put them here, so by your standards you're a scammer. Please think before you make an accusation like this again.
  21. Hello and welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  22. If you go to the site, you can see the Android section is close to the bottom of the page.
  23. Hello and welcome to the forum. Hopefully you find what you need here.
  24. Decided to try it out myself. You have to make sure you set the Search Region on GG to All Regions. Then search for the value and gain more until you only get one value and modify it. That worked for me, let me know if it works for you.
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