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  1. Think it is not possible cause it is all serversidet controled.
  2. Hi i am looking for an option to create gem during the game Brave Frontier i know there is an modded version but there is noting for creating gems. I tried freedom but doesnt work at all also tried guardian i found the offset but changes do not effect the game...
  3. No caus they log every payment and you only get the gold if there system says payment acept else you get ingame payment failed message. I also look for an hack since a year... I know it is possible. For true its a serversidet game but i have seen players who leveld heros from 1 to 100 in a day. I know there was an hack at world of warcraft with it you can double your damage and exp maybe someting like that is also possible at that game. I am no programmer but maybe anyone can do someting like that. Cause you do not need gold the only thing you need are strong heros and gems.
  4. Freedom does not work with warring empire
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