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  1. I don't format numbers like this. I just call the system class that does the rest. If it formats numbers in this way, then it is either conceived and accepted in this locale, or it is an android bug.
    I can not rewrite the whole android in one application. I can only advise you to use a locale that you understand.

    Moreover, I do not know how correctly, because I do not know these locales.

  2. 15 minutes ago, ATAA-SY said:

    But some languages also have the same problem, not just Arabic

    Which languages? Show screenshots and examples.

    15 minutes ago, ATAA-SY said:

    it makes the memory language of the GG program and not the language of the machine itself and make it exclusively like English

    Then use English locale. Remember few words and go on. Al controls stay on same place in any locale so you need only remember where which item located.

    Also it is not hard English, so you can just memorize it.

  3. Something wrong with Arabic Locale on your Android. Use English locale.

    I do not understand Arabic, so I can not help you.

    All output in UI localized with selected Locale, so if you choose Arabic - then it formatted by rules inside your firmware, not by GG itself.

    So use English locale and problem must be solved.

    [added 2 minutes later]

    I think this problem is related to writing the other way. Part of the data is displayed in one direction, part in the other.

  4. Yes. You can automate actions. For example, even if they reallocate memory then they must store pointer to it somewhere. So you need find pointer and always follow it.

    It is hard things, but not impossible. If game can restore path of pointers to data, then you can duplicate this way.

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