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  1. Just go on Youtube Maybe ? For those who do not want to search : https://mega.co.nz/#!f9x3gQjA!xw5xOCOiJC4Vp7krTCILvv3L7cffbmy80jnIaeNHwkk
  2. Hello Jenneh I'm back ! I used to use Bluestacks .. What a sh*tty program x) I'm gonna use this for a while but I'd like to know if there's any new version up
  3. Well in Castle Clash it is also server sided but you still can hack it.
  4. We want your voice Jenneh ! <3 Farm the H and not the I because the I can be checked by IGG .. So if you're hacking they may bann you . The SM's skill is 5, you should add it
  5. I do not agree. He gave us the skill codes before you did. So he isn't trying to sell that kind of hack dude, he shared it freely. Many people got ViP by sharing hacks dude, everybody was waiting for a hack and he shared. Stop being silly and be fair. You wanna make that community move forward ? share better hacks together ! I do know which group you're talking about and they have always been kind with other members. You're just agressive and that's fckin bad for the community man ! You should admit it ! As I said : Wanna make us move forward and have a better reputation ? share hacks !
  6. If you're spamming on HBM Wave G -> 40*6 = 240. If you do the Dungeon 8 last skull dungeon -> 40*5 = 200. It gives you 440 just in half an hour so imagine if you do it all the day .. More than 1k shards a day .
  7. Sorry to say so but : 1) They shared hacks before you. 2) Fairy shared with us hacks that you still do not share. (Skill hacks) 3) who are you to "suggest an Admin" to restrict somebody ? If they do share hacks it's not on your business. I suggest you to calm down and Chill out. you're a member who shares hacks like 5 others in this forum. Your Tutorial is surely not the most easy of them and you do keep some hacks for yourself. you don't have a word to say. If you wanna share: welcome. But stop being selfish and telling people to get out of your topic. A forum is a space of free speech. Best regards, Ceb.
  8. Earning Honor Badges is still long ... I'm in a good guild and I don't wan to leave it, that's the problem ..
  9. DarkHelmet : You gotta found something like xxxxx, 43, 43, 0 and change Byte into whatever you want (45 for Pumpkin duke and 5 for Spriit Mage for example.)
  10. Pump skill is 45 ? Thor 43 ? what are you talking about ? OMFG THANK YOU DUDE !! THANK YOU SO ***** MUCH !!
  11. Personally I'd prefer sharing by PM .. there would be less risk for us to be caught by IGG and I want to have that hack for more than a week :'>
  12. I'm waiting for it since I play that game Hahahahaha
  13. It did frst time I tried but I was away I wasn't able to thank him so I do it now .. Doesn't it work anymore ?
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