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  1. Guys, it works. So many people tested it. No idea on which games it works exactly, i made it for apps with iap v1-v3. Everything above that wont work.
  2. Yo guys! Install and open this app https://www.dropbox.com/s/18ggnjkwwk61v7g/IAP%20Cracker.apk (no root needed) and then close it and open Plague inc. Once you choose any purchase it will say: make free?, click ok and its bought.
  3. After doing my 4 day maintenance see the speeds i get:
  4. Clear your cache if it shows the update page, i checked it and it works like a charm. The only problem is still that i do not allow more than 1 gb in one request which prevents abuse and ddos
  5. Maintenance is over, a mobile theme is being coded.
  6. Maintenance will be over today, speed is increased to 100mb/s not 100mbps
  7. Yes i limited the file size in order to prevent abuse. About the speed, that depends on uploaded themselves, their connection is only tunneled through my server, but i will try to restart the server to fix this problem
  8. As i said: just send me a pm and write a feedback afterwards. I gave away the last spot but because androidcheats had the same chance and didnt take the opportunity (most likely cuz the forum is dead) i will open one more spot on here. So - one more spot open.
  9. Not needed for now, One spot left!
  10. No, thanks. If i add it to vip i add it myself.
  11. Hello ladies and gents! Me, the admin of iOSCoderz, released a new app called: ul.to premium link generator. So what does it do? It allows you to download all files from uploaded.net/to with fullspeed. I tested it myself with 52mb/sec. This app is currently in an early beta phase but working as of now. I am announcing this app to give two people the chance to pretest the web application which will be used within the app too. So, whoever wants to test it, send me a pm. Also the testers are forced to write a review about the app within this thread. The access to the webapplication will be granted for a week. Here is the link to the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uploaded.premium.link.generator We (the iOSCoderz Team) tested this for many times and came to the conclusion that the application is the fastest on the market (500mb files are ready to download within 2 seconds). So, again... whoever wants to test it, please send me a private message on here or ioscoderz so i can give you beta access. Also note that we have only two free beta test spots. Happy posting, ProHex Edit: d2dyno please take a look in my vip section to get access to this downloader. Our VIP users have free access to it.
  12. Yeah d2 would be cool if you made video tuts. - If you want i will send you my darkavenger tutorial (written) and you can make a vid
  13. A free version of something that could ***** up the whole android developement? Seriously, if devs would really care and would read those tuts, hacking wouldnt be easy.
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