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  1. I'm back 1.2.48 still working fine with the code 107xxxx971 I also have a cc hack on IOS
  2. its in vip $40 http://androidrepublic.org/forum/mysubscriptions.php
  3. here in http://androidrepublic.org/forum/index.php but it costs more money
  4. if you want have a mod castle clash you can access this forum http://androidrepublic.org/forum/index.php add me as referer fairylove_hn127
  5. if you update version 1.2.42 it works well
  6. Name of Game:Castle clash It may be not worked on some phone and work well on bluestack. Have fun GameHacker_2.6.3_fixed.apk
  7. i said that i dont sell hack. HB is a glitch and i spent many time to make guild for people as you to farm there. You think now i have 55 guild so how much time i spent.In my topic, i showed to all Vip member how to get more HB.You should read it carefully before ask something.Do you know what i mean. I think we should stop here. http://us.forum.igg.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=121736
  8. its not free for all you can see my topic in here to get more hb but cost many time or pay for something you want now
  9. 1 month ago i could but now i cant 1 month ago we can use tapjoy to earn free gem,can get 5k gem easily
  10. hey hey hey just relax i dont have any group with any people. you can share your hack and i can share my hack i just comment on your topic the number of hero skill.I definitely dont show which line we change skill. and the important thing i want you to know that that hack i have used since 1 years.When people have free mod they werent interested in using SB gamehacker. The number 108xxxxx i used to find gold which is used for update hero lv in previous version.(find gold find max hero ...) I sell how to change skill and make skill no cooldown but every one bought HB package from me i always showed the way to hack skill. YOU dont need to make your topic PRIVATELY( dont care igg know ) ). I have reported hack CC with SBGH and HB bug to IGG since 1 month .
  11. Everybody in Vietnam knew since 1 month ago Do you want share skill no mana cooldown
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