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  1. I'm back 1.2.48 still working fine with the code 107xxxx971 I also have a cc hack on IOS
  2. its in vip $40 http://androidrepublic.org/forum/mysubscriptions.php
  3. here in http://androidrepublic.org/forum/index.php but it costs more money
  4. if you want have a mod castle clash you can access this forum http://androidrepublic.org/forum/index.php add me as referer fairylove_hn127
  5. if you update version 1.2.42 it works well
  6. Name of Game:Castle clash It may be not worked on some phone and work well on bluestack. Have fun GameHacker_2.6.3_fixed.apk
  7. i said that i dont sell hack. HB is a glitch and i spent many time to make guild for people as you to farm there. You think now i have 55 guild so how much time i spent.In my topic, i showed to all Vip member how to get more HB.You should read it carefully before ask something.Do you know what i mean. I think we should stop here. http://us.forum.igg.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=121736
  8. its not free for all you can see my topic in here to get more hb but cost many time or pay for something you want now
  9. 1 month ago i could but now i cant 1 month ago we can use tapjoy to earn free gem,can get 5k gem easily
  10. hey hey hey just relax i dont have any group with any people. you can share your hack and i can share my hack i just comment on your topic the number of hero skill.I definitely dont show which line we change skill. and the important thing i want you to know that that hack i have used since 1 years.When people have free mod they werent interested in using SB gamehacker. The number 108xxxxx i used to find gold which is used for update hero lv in previous version.(find gold find max hero ...) I sell how to change skill and make skill no cooldown but every one bought HB package from me i always showed the way to hack skill. YOU dont need to make your topic PRIVATELY( dont care igg know ) ). I have reported hack CC with SBGH and HB bug to IGG since 1 month .
  11. Everybody in Vietnam knew since 1 month ago Do you want share skill no mana cooldown
  12. Pump skill is 45 thor 43 suc 19 death 49 sm 5 snow 50 immo 60 pal 1 ninja 7 druid 35 )
  13. when your heroes get 6 or 7 star ,you recognize hb is the problem )
  14. this is not a hack.20$ and you get 150000HB in your account
  15. this is the main problem.You can donate or cooperate with some friend to farm.I have enough shard to farm. 150000HB 20$
  16. if you want get more HB you must have a lot of guild.You can create some account.Play it and build guild. After you get the number guild you want. You apply to all of guild you have in every guild account you accept main acc and open boss.After winning you leave guild and another guild accept your main acc you applied.
  17. it's not lasted version 2.6.2 lasted version is 2.6.3
  18. yes.Because smurf account need 50 shard to open boss , i just bought 150000HB 20$ i have 55 guild now
  19. if you have 3 hero has same star:) you just hack 3 hero,it's also make you tower or canon more powerful
  20. i update my guild on page 1 so you must read it carefully before ask me
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