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  1. yeah, it's right, thank you ^^
  2. i tried, but nothing changed, hero still has old skill
  3. anyone know the code skill of Minataur?
  4. what is the difference when using 2076258406 and 1999999999? i tried then didn't see any changed, so why don't use 1999999999, it is easier to remember and typing?
  5. i can not click downlink, how to download them? @@
  6. it doesn't work on Bluestack? i just tried, also tried to record a new one, but nothing happened when start
  7. if you can run a PC all of day only for this, mean you can not doing anything else on the PC, you can use software Mouse & Keyboard Recorder, that all i know
  8. you TG star 6 or lv6? star 6 mean lv 101-120, if lv6 mean star 1, TG star 6 should be line 61, not 60. Notice that maybe your machine and mine is different, specially between bluestack and phone, my blustack and phone is not same, so you need find your number first, i tried Bluestack in 3 computers and the number is same, after hack HP, you will not see HP change, but your hero immortal already, you can go Dun for test, Notice that: if you hack 1 hero star 6, all that hero star 6 in game also hacked (include Dun, HBM) so that carefully choose hero, Dun, HBM to do, it is easy ^^, the best choice is hacking rarely heroes in game (TG, snow, pumkin, immo, death..), for HBM, if you hack at least 3 heroes in you hero base, your towers also are very powerfull, 1 hit 1 kill ^^
  9. use this tool can hack your heroes's dame and HP, so that it works for HBM, dungeon and guild boss. Other guy also shared guide how to hack using sbgamehacker before, if only hack dame and HP, look like the guide of Sqrestreno is more complex, i would like to share a way easier: for legend heroes: you type 1081711002 then search will find 148 records, once you found thennumber of heroes you want to hack, example TG star 7 is line 62, after you change value from 1081711002 to 1999999999, you hacked its dame already, nextstep is hack HP, you edit Bound Memory: go up 4 line above blue line, you see the line with format xxxxxx:40108293:*****:x, click it to change value from 40108293 to 40108288, it's done, your hero's HP is hacked notice that once you hack 1 legend hero's dame, all legend heroes's dame also hacked, but only the hero's HP is hacked, so if you need hack other heroes's HP, you need to find their number among 148 lines to change Bound Memory for hacking HP, hope that this is useful for someone use it first time ^^ thanks for sharing, Sqrestreno, I would like to recieve your instruction v3 for hacking skill ^^
  10. the actually problem is time, you able to have enough shard every account if you have time for farming shard in every account
  11. For HBM, you need to notice that which AI heroes and their star, example: Wave G1, all AI heroes is starting from star7 (pala,champ,druid,ninja,suc), then G5 all is star8, if your kind of heroes is same AI but lower star, you can hack with no problem, or the best way at all is hacking the heroes not exist in HBM (thunder, SM, pumkin, snow, atlan, death, immo)
  12. I see ^^ I found the reason, at first i hack Druid and Thunder star7, then changed account, the second is Druid star6, so that he not immortal
  13. Hi Jenned, how it work? i tried to install it, and see its version it 1.2.31 and have to update version 1.2.39 to play
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