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  1. 1 thing i know, i won't renew my vip... this forum is dead
  2. The anoying thing is that towers seems do normal dmg... trying to find a solution .. or its only me?
  3. can u share the script? for some reason even self made script doesnt work on bluestacks for me
  4. so is it working on bluestacks or not?
  5. Sands

    Lib Modding

    thanks! 2 Smalls problems 1. the pics in the link are broken 2. when i press Shift F9 or Shift F (CC lib) it just transfer me to some kind of clean window and small question... can i use lib modding for candy crash change the "unlimited life" w/o editing it every time (not asking about moves because have to cancle it to finish level..) asking for my gf
  6. its only working in v1.2.39 with bluestacks?
  7. i think the hacked fixed with new update game get closed after searching something
  8. did u find range attack value?
  9. Why do you farm H and not I? edit: dont know why but when i use proc i dont 1hit on hbm
  10. thanks what the changes from v1?
  11. since people having hard time to share go 20 lines under the blue line (might) b8269064 (PD for example) change value to: (Thanks to fairylovehn for the list) PD skill is 45 TG 43 suc 19 GR 49 sm 5 SZ 50 immo 60 pal 1 ninja 7 druid 35 Have fun and dont forget the thanks
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