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  1. Hi! What you are trying to achieve from the game? and also please link di Playstore link here for direct access -Thanks
  2. Hi! That's good idea but however the game is similar to OSU! that's why my first taught there's no any specific speedhack like other games (i mean like car speed, player speed, or heal speed). But yeah, you can do both
  3. Hi! Im assuming that you are using in-built gg game speedhack, that's why its not work. Most games now already patch this or barely working but only client side. So far, what can i think of is to freeze the game from android os level (because its working or the fame already detrct this), like using Emulator and then do speedhack using cheat engine or something
  4. Hi! Unfortunately that the detailed tutorial about esp is kinda limited. Usually people put paid tutoring for this but i think its not worth it. But yeah, what you can do probably is just messing around with the template. I mean, changing the base address and add the offset (May also changing the driver / target app) and see if its working. Sadly that UDP Stream tutorial is also limited or almost hard to find. I can only tell you the main idea and a little bit of implementation behind the UDP Stream trick. In the end, you need to do it yourself as self learning. Yeah, its sucks when nobody teaches you directly. Happen to me all the time xD Anyway Goodluck!
  5. Hi! You can try to capture In-Game Data trough UDP Stream that based on Game Packets (Send-Receive). From there you can try to visualize the location. However, there's cons and pros from this. You can visualize it everywhere, even on different device, as long you have tunelling between each device. The cons, it may hard to visual, since the packets updated if there's any changes to the target (Lets say enemy) From my understanding, you only have the old value from Youtube and need to find the updated one right? Well, the easiest option is to always reverse engineering the game. You can always compare the value from the old library and try to find it in the newer version because its hard to find it manually using GG. Once you found it, its up to you to make it as ESP or WallHack. You can always find the ESP template and adjust it to your need such as the target game, offset and etc. Wich will help you alot rather than make it from scratch.
  6. Hi! Sometimes the value is changing because its isnt static address. You can only try to use Pointer instead of using static address. Anyway, the new address maybe the real one, to check that you can try to change the value and see if its working.
  7. Hi! Its seems you have some trouble with slow search inside LDPlayer, its looks like that you're using the latest version of LDPlayer and thats the problem. Try to downgrade to LDPlayer 3.99 but it may not met your criteria since its uses Android 5. Or you can use the first version of LDPlayer 4, it may slow but its a little bit fast than the latest one. Not to mention that its also already using Android 7. Good Luck
  8. Its possible but it might a challenging task, for a better sight you can only decompile the game library using a decompiler like IDA, Ghidra or something similar.
  9. Most game, the hacked item price (paid to free) can still be saved into Online SaveGames because the game only lookup for the transaction (Used Item), this still happens on XboxLive Games. Only a little that does reset everytime you go back to main-menu, so its worth it to look up for the item price. There's atleast 3 different ways to achieve that: 1) Directly change the price value (Rarely work) 2) Changing the item tag (Paid and free item have different tag assigned) 3) Or you can look up on UserHasOwned or something similar to disable paid item and make everything availably free.
  10. Hi ! Its looks like the game currency is tied to server-side, thus cant be changed. You can only change the value from the client-side wich there's a value mismatch when the game do transaction. It would be much easier if you can just make the item price to 0 or free instead of changing the gems.
  11. You can probably try to freeze the process while the metadata still loaded, i recommend do it with an Android Emulator for easier use.
  12. If the game have in-built 'Show Coordinate' you may just what the visuals change and trace it to the player / client (if its a online Multiplayer game). Obviously you need the basic offset first..
  13. Alternative way for server-sided health game is to zeroed the player hitbox or decimate in-game mesh model so the hitbox is almost none. Thus will keep the health bar unchanged and remain full.
  14. Actually you can only mask it..
  15. Well that's sucks for not able to play again, but you can easily fix that : 1) Change any of your Phone Info (Including Imei, Device ID, etc) 2) Backup the game shared_prefs and databases folder inside /data/data/ 3) Change Any UUID or Identifier string in there.. 4) Reinstall the game and copy-paste your backup folder.
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