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  1. Hi! looking through the logs, raw assumption is because of Low Memory / High RAM Usage on your Device. It's abruptly killing through lowmemorykiller, besides GG it's also kill magisk and several services. Make sure you're not stressing your device by scanning values that has high amount of result. 08-16 10:52:20.347 2853 8768 W InputManager-JNI: Input channel object 'b5712b com.dyejlndodndtme (client)' was disposed without first being removed with the input manager! 08-16 10:52:20.489 6007 6028 E android-daemon: Progress 6028: 34303 from 399003, found: 2 08-16 10:52:20.608 2486 2486 I lowmemorykiller: Kill 'com.topjohnwu.magisk' (4291), uid 10102, oom_score_adj 935 to free 46396kB rss, 26756kb swap 08-16 10:52:20.608 2486 2486 I lowmemorykiller: Reclaimed 46396kB, cache(219724kB) and free(27556kB)-reserved(0kB) below min(221184kB) for oom_score_adj 900 08-16 10:52:20.608 2486 2486 I lowmemorykiller: Suppressed 17 failed kill reports 08-16 10:52:20.636 2627 2627 I Zygote : Process 4291 exited due to signal 9 (Killed) 08-16 10:52:20.636 2853 8768 I ActivityManager: Process com.topjohnwu.magisk (pid 4291) has died: cch+35 CEM 08-16 10:52:20.638 2853 2889 I libprocessgroup: Successfully killed process cgroup uid 10102 pid 4291 in 5ms 08-16 10:52:20.673 2486 2486 I lowmemorykiller: 1 memory pressure events were skipped after a kill!
  2. Hi! Xiaomi users here, i can confirm that this issue does happen oftenly using MIUI 10, i'm not sure if its fixed on newer MIUI. Here's my way to fix it: 1) Do Force Stop on GG and clearing Cache as well, don't erase GG Data if you want to keep your script directory. GG Floating Icon now should temporarily fixed but it might comes back after multiple screen rotation or re-open GG after quitting. 2) I always use manual Screen Rotation app from PlayStore, it will force any apps to change it's screen rotation including GG.
  3. It's really hard to debug if it's OS specific, fortunately there's someone that happen have the same OS. Judging by the APP Behavior, i will try to give some alternative suggestion beside of Root related. 1) 'Not running in background': Make sure that you have enabled 'Drawing Apps' permission to get Game Guardian Overlay to work. Also try to disable battery optimization for Game Guardian from your Android Settings; Settings -> Battery -> Battery Usage -> Apps -> Game Guardian -> Run in Background. Every OS is different but you can find it around Battery and Apps settings. 2) 'Sometime it Freeze, Cannot Hit, Sometime it Stop and must Restart'; Check your RAM Usage, it's basic but it happens to be a common issue. Some Android OS intend to do this when reaching certain amount of RAM Usage or Processes or Heat. The only thing is go to your Developer Option and disable Background Processes option, set it to 'System Managed'. Other possible fixes is to set GG priority into TopMost priority -1, the Default is 0 & also check your Android Architecture, is it matched with your current GG or not.
  4. MainC

    App not installed

    Hi! The behind reason of your issue can be caused of several things: 1) Game Guardian fail to Re-Install itself into another Random Package Name. Make sure that you doesn't interrupt the installation by running it in the background. Some Android is force-kill any Background task if it's reached certain amount of RAM Usage or Processes. 2) There's possible duplicate Game Guardian that Co-Exist each other, wether it has different package name or architecture. Make sure that you have ONLY one Game Guardian installed. Sometimes other GG Icon isn't exist on main menu because of Corrupted Install, so you need to check it manually via Settings -> Installed Apps -> Find GG Manually -> Uninstall. 3) Other possible thing is; you doesn't install Game Guardian with the right Architecture. Always test it on Virtual Android such as VMos Pro, X8 Sandbox, V8Box and F1VM as mentioned by above commenter. 4) If you have Root; make sure to check Game Guardian directory and see if there's no anything Unusual. Mainly it can be caused by missing APK File or GG is unable to create "code_cache" & "code_apps" folder from these directory: /data/app/[GG Random PKG Name]/[GG].apk /data/data/[GG Random PKG Name/code_cache or code_apps If all above fails. it's probably because of Android 12 Bugs. Newer Android intends to breaks most of Android Apps, especially Android 10-13. If it's because of your Android, the only way is: to use Virtual Android 7 mentioned in step 3.
  5. Hi! To Decompile in-game files is hard to do it manually. Libilcpp is a part of Unity library and there's much tool around, thus; you're required to use PC to get into depth-area. Here's your starting point: 1) To Decompile Libilcpp you're required to get Global Metadata first, it contains a vital cipher that allows you to decompile the library. You either can dump it manually from the game using Game Guardian / Cheat Engine or whatever your preference. However there's also several script to find it more easily, one of them is here: Hidden-global-metadatadat-searcher. More of them can be found on Download section. 2) Make sure you got the Metadata intact without missing headers or fragment. Then you can take your Libilcpp along with Metadata together and use Il2CppDumper. A tool that comes in handy to put encrypted libilcpp from your game lib folder or you can dumping the libil2cpp.so first. The tools also supports for popular Reverse Engineering tools such as IDA Pro, Ghidra, etc. 3) I really recommend to further Reverse Engineering the library inside IDA Pro as it can give you clear glances on how each function works and supports for a raw pseudocode. Remember that Decompiling isn't necessarily the same as Decrypting but it is more than enough to itter trough classes and etc. I've made it sort as possible as i don't want it to clutter. The summary is; 1) You can trough step-by-step mentioned above [Recommended] 2) Dump Libil2cpp yourself but may missing portion of it 3) Directly use IDA Pro but with encrypted string. 4) Dump and Reverse it using IDA Pro for more better readings. The choice are yours; dumping can give a risk of uncomplete files. Meanwhile, directly Reversing the library can give a risk of Encrypted string, make it hard to read/unreadable. Good Luck..
  6. Hi! Parallel Space might have bugs here and there. I suggest to try several things: - Use Virtual Android, it is from developed by Parallel Space itself - Since Parallel Space borrows Google Play Services from your Android, You might try to import the newer Google Play Services into Parallel Space. However, i'm not exactly sure if this going to work, since Parallel Space is setup to use Outer Services; meaning it's not using Google Play Services inside Parallel Space. Correct me if i'm wrong tho.. - As option number one, Virtual Android is the suitable option as it's includes it's own Google Play Services. The Alternative to this is; VMos Pro, V8Box, X8 Sandbox and F1VM. As a Side Note: using Virtual Android does indeed use more RAM and Battery, make sure that you've atleast 4GB+ of RAM. - As a basic fixes; first you might want to clear your Parallel Space cache and 'Force Stop' the app. Once re-open, it may actually loads current Google Play Services correctly. Also, if you can, please include a screenshot regarding your issues.
  7. Weird, what Android version you're running? VM on Android 10+ version can be a bit broken, for example you need to use Android 11 Launcher for X8 Sandbox. Perhaps you can try VPhoneGaGa, tested to be running well on my Android 10.
  8. MainC


    Refer into linked thread, it is indeed on any games. Pardon me if there's any missing context.
  9. Hi! There's a thread similarly talking about Username length bypass, it could've been working on your game too. Here's the thread specifically: How to make long name on online game? ( Stumble Guys ) (#ds33nmqx)
  10. MainC


    Hi! There's a thread that has same exact issue as yours. I've also talked about the possible cause in that thread. I suggest you to join the convo in there instead of making a new post: Textfiles not working in NBA 2K20
  11. It could be, but the game may force you to update later in date and the old one will just unusable. You can still play it now though.. Addition: You might try to bypass the update, and it will work just fine.
  12. Hi! Judging by the game behavior that keep reverting values to 00, it may indicate that the newer update has a new Memory Detection or your script is changing a "Memory Trap". Memory Trap is almost exist on every game, to handle this you might need to try several things: Memory Detection - First, you need to make sure what problem that causing this type of behavior. To find out if it's caused by Memory Detection, you can try this command on your Emulator: *After performing below commands, you can no longer use Game Guardian and need to use Cheat Engine to change your desired value. Below commands are a simple Memory Detection bypass. adb kill-server adb start-server adb -s emulator-5554 shell for i in $(pidof com.t2ksports.nba2k20); do mount -o bind /proc/2/maps /proc/$i/maps; end - If above commands doesn't work and the values keep reverting even when already FREEZED. A bold letter because you're really required to freeze the value, so the address is not changing to another memory. - Try to use Cheat Engine; right click on your target address and select "What Accessing this Address". Now CE will run on Debug Mode, try to change the value until it reverts back to zero. After the values are 00, you can see another address that changes the value of your target address. From now, you need to disable that Address; that are responsible in reverting your target. This happens because of patched values, so the game does often monitor your target. Don't forget to include the patch into your GG script before executing the main hack. - Another attempt from your previous step, if it's caused by Patched Values. You need to find a new one by keep following Memory XRef/References or try it with memory allocation. A way to allocate your values to make it reserved in memory and make the game reads from your self own memory, thus will prevent your values from ever changing. Memory Trap - Some games will make Copies of values. This will come a challange because you can no longer use a literal text/aob values and instead need to reference directly into Real Target. First of all, scan your values and if it's exist multiple; safe to assume that there's a memory trap. Change each address values one by one until you find a real one and create a pointer on that real address. In theory, there's many workaround. Reports your findings here so that other member of this forum can also help.
  13. MainC

    about the CRASHED error

    If you can; share the log file here, you're only mentioning where the log file is. In the meantime, you can try some of temporary solution here: -Download GG optimized Virtual Exposed, i think you can find it on Forum Download/Files section. -If you have enough RAM, let's say in a range of 4-8GB RAM, use Android VM instead: VMos, F1 VM, V8Box, X8Sandbox.
  14. Probably there's a problem when Game Guardian performing re-installation. Highly suggest to switch into Android VM (VMos, F1 VM, V8Box, X8 Sandbox) instead of using Virtual Spaces. It has separate Android that may perform better and less issue than using Virtual Space/Storage.
  15. MainC

    Vmos ( android 12 )

    I'm afraid that you need to switch to X8 Sandbox with Android 11 launcher.
  16. MainC

    Fury Survival Force stop

    Hi! This could be: The game detects randomized package name or the debugger. However, in an attempt to fix your problem; you need to have XPosed or LSPosed installed. Here's what you can do: SudoHide - Install SudoHide: Here and Activate it inside XPosed or LSPosed APK. - In the LSPosed Activation Page, select both of your game and Game Guardian. Skip if you're using XPosed. - Reboot - Inside SudoHide, click your Game and checkmark the GG. This will hide GG from your Game. - It's recommended to Reboot again to see the effect XPrivacyLua - Install XPrivacyLua: here and Activate it inside XPosed or LSPosed APK. - In the LSPosed Activation Page, select your Game. Skip if you're using XPosed. - Reboot - Inside XPrivacyLua; find your Game and disable all "Get" information or you can just disable "Read Application" - It's recommended to Reboot again to see the effect. MyAndroidToolsPro - This apps only requires Root. So you can try this way first before attempting other workaround. - Inside MyAndroidToolsPro; go to 'Activity' page and locate your Game - Disable some Activity and launch your game. If your game is crashing; it means the disabled activity is need by the game. You can enable it again and try other activity - Do this Trial and Error also with Your Game 'Content Provider', 'Brodcast Receiver', 'Service'. *This way, we hope that we can disable in-game component that responsible for Malicious Apk detection. That's about it, if somehow all the fixes above doesn't work for you, send some screenshot of your issue. Also please don't create duplicated thread.
  17. MainC

    Samsung S21

    Hi! I have the same popup when running Game Guardian on newer Android VM, you can just ignore it and the GG will work just fine. If this popup somehow forbid you from entering GG (some Device may have different behavior), you need to try to use Stable builds of Android VM (F1 VM, X8 Sandbox, V8 Sandbox, VPhoneGaga) with atleast Android 5-7. This will avoid you to reinstall your Samsung OS. In summary: Ignore it Use Android VM with Android 5-7 If all above somehow still fails, attach some screenshot of your problem.
  18. MainC

    I need a good encryption

    Several problem to this if you keep "randomizing" gg.getValue/searchNumber: 1) In theory it should be working but when you keep "Randomizing" gg.getValue, eventually the attacker still got the correct values. An Attacker can extract all the gg.getValue from the logs and make a script on top of that, this somewhat an alternative for harder reads, not an entirely make the script unlogable. 2) Will this going to be a memory-hog? With current available options, it's still enough to protect your script. However, i'm still curious if GG has actually offers some flag if the logs are running? Despite all of that, we're only struggling with GG internal logs, not really prevent from 3rd-party like memdumper.
  19. MainC

    So confused

    - It looks like you're on iOS? Mentioning your used Device would help, but assuming that you're on iOS; you need to get your Device Jailbreaked and use "iGameGuardian" (Not ordinary "Game Guardian") or use H5GG. - If you're on Android, use the mentioned Android VM (F1 VM, VMos Pro, Twoyi, VPhoneGaga, X8 Sandbox, V8 Sandbox) and for your issue; you can't open the downloaded file, right? 1) You can try to download The Game Guardian outside Android VM and import it inside (Every Android VM, There's an App to Import files/app from your phone to Android VM). You can either install the Game Guardian first outside, or you can find the files manually inside "Download Folder" from the Importer. 2) For Android VM, you can try to use Original Game Guardian as it's going to work normally. "Game Guardian for Nox-Blustack" originally is used for Windows Android Emulator (LDPlayer, Nox, Bluestack, Memu, Mumu, Gameloop), so "Game Guardian + VPhoneGaga" will work just fine. 3) Make sure that your downloaded files are not corrupted / not unfinished. That's the main cause of APK Files can't be opened. Just a side note: .APK files ONLY works on Android; iOS uses .IPA
  20. Starts with the basic, have you tried this? : 1) Go to /data/media/0/sup/[script].txt and set the file permission into 777? Group: Root, Owner: Root 2) Hold GG Shortcut and go into App Info --> Permission --> Grant All 3) Rename the Script into shorter name without special character. (Remove _+) 4) Last option: Needs terminal Emulator / Termux: su mount rw,remount /sdcard mount rw,remount /data mount rw,remount /mnt However, i don't really see something peculiar from your screenshot. Attach logs if all the above doesn't fix.
  21. Hi! You can try to dump / cp-memory, but i don't think it is do-able on Mac as it's involve Android Emulator. Perhaps, do you have Android / Windows Device? : 1) On Android Devices, uses Android VM such as VMos Pro, Twoyi, F1 VM, X8 Sandbox, V8 Sandbox, etc. You need to Install Game Guardian both inside and outside Android VM. Then; run your script from GG inside Your Android VM (Pay attention to any string or even values that are being executed). Once you got some values, go to main menu (don't close the VM) and launch GG from outside VM. Now choose target process to your prefered VM and scan for Known String. You might get the desired result; you can dump it or just copy-paste the values from Memory Viewer 2) Almost the same thing, but on Windows you need Cheat Engine outside your Android Emulator. Run script -> open CE -> find String -> You got Decompiled script from Memory. Yes, you can get anything you want from Memory. It's should the least easy - manual and yet tricky way. Good Luck,
  22. MainC

    I need a good encryption

    It would be usefull if you share the method here, as the Author can patch the script to avoid that. GG Lua Encryption mostly based on Client side and GG itself. It's a good practice if you're not trust the Client-Sided process, you might combine Good Encryption with several ways to make it more harder to read: 1) Migrate your script into Online Reserver (Pastebin, etc) 2) Splits your Script into several mini-script: Import Extra GG Code 3) Obfuscate your LUA / Encrypt LUA to make it more harder to poke. It would be good if you have write your own Cheats manually (not GG based), as you can implement more things without restriction.
  23. MainC

    I need a good encryption

    First of all, what kind source that you're going to apply encryption, lua files?. If you're willing to use some Advanced way, you can use JWT or SHA hashing but for LUA Files; i think you should also obfuscate your script and then encrypting it. Yes, most of LUA encryption are decryptable so you need to atleast make it more harder to read. For example; you can calling another LUA Files from the first Lua, etc.
  24. Probably there's some protection going on, wether the game checks for the Memory Changes or there's a "trap" address; when you change, it triggers some function to freeze your screen. 1) Probably you try to edit the address one-by -one see if something interesting happen. 2) If it's really from memory detection, you may need to use simple memory bypass by manipulating Game /proc/PID/maps: pidof com.yourgame.package mount -o bind /proc/2/maps /proc/YourGamePID/maps
  25. MainC

    Clip claps

    You basically can't, clip claps is server sided. The last attempt already dated, i don't know if coins hack is true tho since it's probably just a visual. The votes also server sided, it's not something you can just add using Game Guardian, you need some bots to do that (with basically hundreds or thousands of dummy account). In the end, the possible thing is to create dummy account on your own; with setting up multiple of Virtual Spaces / Android VM's.
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