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    Days bygone

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    hi bro @JulieMakimoto

    the damage hack in v1 script worked for me but not working in v2 script.

    my game is 32bit version 1.28.0

    script said "value not found"

    and by fire rate..did you means Agility stats or something else?

    it didnt worked properly for some weapon as it increased the Damage stats instead.

    or its weapon specific hack?

    or im just missing something here.

    update :

    Ok..its Projectiles stats.

    for weapon like Harlott..its work and looks cool.

    but for Durendal...not so good.

    AngelSaga script

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    1 hour ago, kimchanjun said:

    u need search while u are in any battle.

    my game run on 32bit.

    Or maybe i wrong somewhere.

    mine is 64bit..so the script didnt work for me.

    its for 32bit device.

    AngelSaga script

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    hi there.

    the script dont work for me.

    even the group search 

    = 166D;12F::5

    cant be found when searching it.

    is there any specific requirement?

    like the game need to be 32bit or 64bit version or something?

    Rogue land

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    ah yes...you're right.

    [email protected] they didnt put hp and speed in the same equipment(boot)

    oh btw..i can see you upload all your scripts separately.

    you can actually make a single post and add more script to it.

    futher best..combine all the script into one.

  1. another script i made...


    which are more direct so to speak..

    it use your current level as a base point to find the other things and then edit.

    in other word...it use offset to get to the target from the base point.

    btw about the color you see here...its nothing from what im wrote in the script.

    its something else and its absolute PROHIBITED for anyone to ever to talk about it in here.

    and please dont PM me about it either.

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