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  1. Can you fix what you said? I cant tell if second sentence is the error message you are getting.
  2. You have to tell the script to pull something from your website. And save something in each script, to match whatever on your website. But honestly, selling a script is horrible.......but whatever.
  3. Try another virtual app?
  4. Virtual Expose is different from Mortal Combat. Referring to image you posted.
  5. You are lucky that is all that is happening lol What script is that? Upload it here so we can see the code that is messing with you.
  6. There are other apps in the playstore for that if you want.
  7. Emarkx

    About Script

    Its LUA style scripting i believe. So all the functions are made already, i dont think youll ever need to make your own function and that " { " bracket thingie, not needed either.
  8. If you not on a phone, it doesnt work unless...
  9. Bruh, he legit explained the difference. 'unchangeable'
  10. Emarkx


    You can goto www.skillshare.com There are both professionals and normal teachers there but non are better than @Enyby
  11. No entiendo. Please provide a video of what you did exactly, then i can help you. If you attempted to follow someone else video, please provide that link.
  12. If you could provide a video of how you did it, it can help others.
  13. Im horrible in writing scripts of any kind but beginners luck? -- 30 minutes sleep local v = 1.8e+6 gg.sleep(v) while true do print('Jumped Again:', gg.timeJump('2:15:54:32')) -- jump for 2 days 15 hours 54 minutes 32 seconds end
  14. So gg will accept this? v = 1.8e+6
  15. Can anyone help me write a script to auto speed jump to 30 minutes every 30 minutes, never ending loop? I am trying to farm and the buildings are taking long to to finish.
  16. You need do searches before posting questions. This link might help you
  17. Emarkx

    awp mod

    Ok thanks. And you said you used a script to alter the values, what script you used? Please attach script or paste the code or send link to wherever you found the script.
  18. Emarkx

    awp mod

    what game is that? what script are you using?
  19. To do an encrypted search in Dword, Please just tick the encrypted check box, search for your value. Seeing 173,000 Million results is normal. after you search, minimize game guardian and play the game or change values. then go back search encrypted value and repeat. If you want to know more about encrypted searching, then see these links. How searchencrypted value - GameGuardian by Enyby Respawnables - hack money and gold -searchencrypted - GameGuardian
  20. I was wrong, yes green gems. I am not a lucky patcher champion lol I only know how to remove the ads from the game using lucky patcher. I really thought game guardian can change the values. dammit. I hope i am wrong again.
  21. Did you change the value in Float or Dword? You need to find the real value, if it changed physically to your eyes in Float/ Dword etc using normal, regular search. Then try an encrypted search in same Float/ Dword category.
  22. Are you rooted? Have you tried reinstalling it? Have you tried resetting your phone?
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