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  1. Hi guys how are you today. I need some help. I am trying to cheat PetrolHead Joyfull City, I already got gold hack and cash hack but I cant find cars stats like the cars max speed etc... if you can help me on this this will be helpfull for me thank you everyone. This is the game link : PetrolHead Joyfull City
  2. Yes it was possible one year ago to hack diamand
  3. Link the Playstore link when you ask for this !
  4. Try to edit price of something you can buy to negatif and buy it, you can also try to edit any reward amount.
  5. Hi guys, I starte cheating on NFS NL i see many video about it and it work i mak an account with 1 Billion money and 1 Billion Gold. So my question is there is any ban risk in this game ? if yes then what is the safe amount of gold an money to avoid ban risk ? Thank you guys.
  6. Why e just not send full script to you ? I think he is lying.
  7. The game is not crashing, it called Force Close it is the game protection against memory editor. To fix that all you need is to configure your gg with some special setting. - HIDE GG FROM GAME ( LVL2, 3, and 4) - PREVENT UNLOAD ( Level 3) . iF you are begener and dont understand what is this then search on youtube how to fix free fire force close with game guardian.
  8. A720 is an Hexadecimal notation cuently called Hex you can convert then to decimal in any tool tat permit or online Try this Hex converter that the most i used but I also have the apk Hex to Text Converter that all. Sorry for bad english.
  9. You already have the java code, why you just not do reverse engenering. Edit it then recompile the game.
  10. ah ok I was clicking to xor like an ***** now I understand. Thank you for helping me. Stay Safe brother.
  11. thanks for this, but can you help me to understand, just explain me each part of code because my objective is not copy pasting code, I really want to understand. Please explain me
  12. yes I have selected xor offset [added 0 minutes later] I dont understand what is 0x100 can you explain please ? [added 1 minute later] what is the right method to get offset between 2 value?
  13. Hi guys how you feel today ?. For me I am ok. I have some problems with offset, i am learning how to use offset properly but it is still difficult for me. I will details you my approach and I want you to tell me what wrong with it. - First I have searched this two value above. that I want is to get the 2nd value 50000 from offset using the first value 1100. I have calculated the offset of those two value. but when I tried to get the 2nd value mean 50000. But it is not working. it is getting me to that value I dont need. the value above. but when I replace the offset that I calculate by 8 it is working. He is selecting the right value mean 50000. so and this 8 value for offset I got it randomly i was typing some random value within 1~20 and i magically got it. So after reading this can you tell me what wrong with all of this and propose me any solution and help me to understand how offset work. and last thing can you tell me how to use offset in Script?. Anyway thank you all.
  14. what is the use of tonumber ?
  15. Hi everyone and thanks for reading this, I want to know if it is possible to set a variable within an interval of numbers. I mean like Variables named mango contains number within 1 to 100. mango == [1~100] does it is possible ? , and if it is please help me to do that.
  16. Hi guys i want to make a Script that prompts user input and convert the number that the user have typed with the game Xor keys. the Xor keys is 444444. I tried to add X4 in the number that the user type but it is not working correctly. local ca = gg.prompt({"π™Έπ™½π™Ώπš„πšƒ πšƒπ™·π™΄ π™²π™°πš π™°π™Όπ™Ύπš„π™½πšƒ"},nil,{"number"}) if ca == nil then gg.toast('You cancelled the dialogue') gg.setVisible(false) return end local ca = ca[1].."X4" gg.searchNumber(ca, gg.TYPE_DWORD) local results = gg.getResultsCount() if results > 10 then local r = gg.getResults(1) gg.removeResults(r) end
  17. Hi guys I need your help for someone important. How can i compare any integer number to a negative number. i am using a prompts input i dont want the user to input a negative number so i want to bock all negative numbers. if Currencies[1] < 0 then gg.alert(" Negative number are not allowed. Please try again with a positive numbers") Currencies() return end end
  18. You cant freeze any value outside of the save list
  19. Thanks I got It I was looking for a method to calculate XOR I get it
  20. He is not adding +444444 He is just directly search the value you typed
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