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  1. Anyone code for new pack ?
  2. Can you only make switch pack for public ? Just the switch pack for free ?
  3. Most of them really russians .. they also complain and want to share sirius account
  4. thats good business [added 0 minutes later] still earning some money to make you 5 coffee's
  5. Sirius Hack .. that guy i think always everyday upload new scripts .. he also steal from MG and other Legit Script owners ..
  6. I tried also with the mission 100 trees dont work .. guess they knew what were doing
  7. Back.read .. youll find it .. 50+ or below
  8. Growth speed for dogs ? Theres none unless if you use coins to speed up process
  9. The ID for Scarecrow and Lanter are on this thread ... go back.read .. maybe on page 50+.. [added 2 minutes later] If you how to manually hack using GG you can still speed hack .. armor god, attack speed and mining ores/destroy walls/pick up speed ..
  10. I think in GS you cant hack the lvl .. on LDOE packs you cant open the other pack that has coins in it . But you can open the one with kevlar .. they really tighten up the security for packs with coins i think ... since coins are now server sided .. goodthing i still has 7k+ ... theres a bug in the free crate where you can get unlimited spins .. i got 70coins in 3hours spinning straight ..
  11. this is all scripts found and still active .. ID packs are here and all of the resources/items .. your welcome ,,SCRIPTLDOE(FR.EN.ES)1.14.4.AllInclusiveBYFloCon.lua ANONYMOUS.1000.HACKER1.LDOE.lua Mega_Script_5.7.0.lua SCRIPT LAST DAY THE MASTER KRAMERS.lua script ldoe v6.MG.lua Script LDOE V10 by XIEWEN.lua Zedmerlol! SCRIPT AUTOMÁTICO 1.15.x.lua [added 0 minutes later] Check my Shared Scripts .. the MG v6 must have it
  12. The hack use on grimsoul is the free skill pack .. the pack that you can open skill for free for 1st time .. that pack .. thats all really i can help .. if you want more ideas how to hack just search beccamods .. i rarely now play GS since its boring and not a fan with playing swords games ..
  13. There so much to learn on youtube .. watch manchunggaming or others .. or search westland gameguardian store .. i did those and follow step by step .. on grimsoul you need script .. beccamods for GS .. his script is old but it still usable ..
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