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  1. I have exams these days will post will post the codes when they are over
  2. there you go crator model 22;7667814;7209074;7602281;7471221;6226021;7471203;7602273;7471205;7143519;6553711;7077989:45 Nitro 14;6881378;6619243;7012467;7209065;7209055;7602281;7274610:29 savage 16;6881378;6619243;7012467;7209065;7536735;7733345;6750305;7471205:33 Backpack(forgot its name) 16;6357090;7012451;6357104;7012451;7536735;7733345;6750305;7471205:33
  3. Seems like everybody left i will post the codes tomorrow still have to work a little on them
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