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    Hello, someone just asked me a question (see below) about how to learn to use GG and especially pointers, and I wanted to share my answer, since I think pointers can be very obscure at the beginning as well as GG itself if you're not already into hacking. PS: I know many people have already answered the same type of question, I try to make it as clear as possible here, but I'm just adding my answer to the already existing flow, and I hope people can correct me if needed here, or add anything they want I show the content there, quite a load to read. Question: Answer:
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    if open_processing then os.exit() end
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    got credits so far..... RallyFury.mp4
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    Real Racing 3 Time Trial Hack W A R N I N G Use at your own risk, if you get first position probably u get ban! Instruction Search elapsed time (1 sec = 1000 DWORD), then refine results until you get few result. You edit these values with ever you want. Done video
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    while true do gg.sleep(30*60*1000) gg.timeJump('30:00') gg.toast('Jumped Again') end
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    I dont understand. Or he is just kid, or he is pro level user which understand such things? What point of view I may use? And if just kid come to your house and make stupid things, dont be rude, ignore him. For example paint on your walls with pencil. It is just a kid. This is explain everything and allow him do anything. Right?
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    A simple hack...just follow the steps as shown in the video. BigCapitalist3.mp4 - others are welcome to share any of their ideas.
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    You can edit values in format 1000x4 too. Not only search.
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    Homescape.mp4 This method require only Anonymous memory. Go to any match and search (Your moves)x4. Then until you get one result, and edit that according to what I did in the video.
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    Of course, GG runs on 10 Android. This topic should be called "No version of GG works on my device through Octopus Pro 5.7." The problem is in the author’s device, or in his Octopus Pro 5.7. Maybe he turned on combining the memory card with the internal storage there, maybe something else. Gathering information about GG errors (#9ggo57t)
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    Several options are possible. For example, a table or function. Most of all I like the option with the function, because it allows you to keep lines with different translations side by side. Depending on the approach, the code can be very different. local lang = 'ru' local strs = { hello = 'Hello', hello_ru = 'Привет', } local function lng(index) local ret = strs[index..'_'..lang] if not ret then ret = strs[index] end return ret end print(lng('hello')) lang = 'id' print(lng('hello')) If you not like mess with quotes every time you can use metatable: local lang = 'ru' local strs = { hello = 'Hello', hello_ru = 'Привет', } local lng = setmetatable({}, {__index = function (tbl, index) local ret = strs[index..'_'..lang] if not ret then ret = strs[index] end return ret end}) print(lng.hello) lang = 'id' print(lng.hello)
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    Delete this very dangerous contain viruses bad app and wash hands and phone with a lot soap. Three times at least.
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    You better show full example with all numbers. For example for 10 rows. What you get from search, what you want receive as result and so on. Because you use word "devide" with some sence only known for you.
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    It can't be like that. Just search float and will give more results, or zero. A similar dword search will be accurate and will work stably. Naturally, we are talking about the normal search for the equivalent dword for the float that you are looking for, and not about finding the value 1 or 0, in contrast with this float. [added 1 minute later] This is even if you do not take into account that a float search is always slower than a dword search.
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    Bro i Just made a Video but it's size is much larger so i will tell u therotically, listen. Example - COIN VALUE -500 DIAMOND - 200 search known value in Dword 500;200 Whatever result u get Just all edit to whichiever amount u want and play a ome game to exchange the value of coins. And one more thing bro. No need to pay to any body here, we R just here to help each other. If u want to pay then Just donate to enby
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    com.excean.* from same developer as com.excelliance.* and use signature protection in native code in the apk. So it can not be patched easily. But you can try your luck. com.excean.dualaid_6.0.4_fix_gg_signed.apk
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    That means, the value of the coins and diamonds are saved in the server. Not on your phone. Imagine this. In school, you got a 40% for your exam. The teacher gave you the exam paper and you change it to 100%. On the paper, it is 100%. But the teacher already saved your score on her computer which is 40%. So in this example, the paper is = client side. ##You can change the numbers as much as you want, but it wont matter. Because the teacher computer = server side. ##It has your original value. There is 1 way. You log in the teacher computer to change the value. But, the teacher's computer has a password and the teacher is always holding it. It is the same for your game, you must hack the server = very very very very hard. I hope you understand the example, because if you don't....You should stop hacking/cheating and start learning simple understanding of words.
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    Try use something like http://whatismyip.org Answer - 327 bytes. One packet. http://www.guimp.com - 1970 bytes. 4 packets at least.
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    Disassemble to lasm via GG. Find 500. Edit. Assemble back.
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    Save Game Abyss shop = Complete Dark lord = Unlock All Skin = Complete Story mode = Complete Challenge Mode = Complete Rebirt level = Maximum Conqueror level = Maximum Transcendence level = Maximum i hope download = like count you must login to download save game.txt
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    Did u try other virtual spaces ( i recommend VMOS). Or downloading a older version of parallel space. Older versions of parallel space are found in the " see changelog " as shown in the picture.
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    Why you ask here? Ask friend again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.
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    Possible. You need move GG apk to USB flash drive. Come close to this guy. With fast move insert USB drive in guy ass. After that GG automatically installed in brain this guy and you can hack his account. GG ruled by touch interface on guy face.
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    You can not skip 128 bytes. Max is 30*4 = 120 bytes. But you can use two group searches: one with equals, second with not equals. For example search equal 1;2::133 refine not equal 1;2::132 In result only left 1 and 2 which have 128 bytes between them.
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    hahaha that is the best analog i have seen.
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    I got no idea why downvote other's post for no reason. So I give you an upvote to make neutralize the reputation. They had explained, there's no point finding the "server sided" value. Look at this analog and you will understand.
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    Find another difference by which you can determine which case it is. For example, a list of loaded libraries. Tomorrow, developers can apply the approach with 10 android, for older versions. And this will break your script if it relies on the version of android. You can make a lazy double search mechanism. The script looks for the presence of the saved search type in the config. If it isn’t empty, use this type. If the search is unsuccessful, it switches to another type. If it is empty there, it first conducts one search, and if it is unsuccessful, then the second. In any case, the type is saved in the config. This allows you to completely solve the problem.
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    All android now is 10 or earlier. You need detect behavior, not some flags. So find simple way to detect difference in memory layout and use it.
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    The solution was in documentation... There's no need to add new syntax , just print('GET 1: ', gg.makeRequest('http://httpbin.org/headers').content) -- simple GET request
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    99;1~3;100 is 3 elements 99;1;3;100 is 4 elements. 1~3, you may get 1, may get 2, may get 3. 1;3 you will get 1 and 3 So when you refine 1;3, means you expected to get both 1 and 3, but initially you search for only either 1 or either 2 or either 3, so there's no value fulfill your refined condition. use 99;1;3;100 and refine 1;3 or use 99;1~3;100 and refine 1~3
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    Codes = 1,768,907,530;29,550;2;<Your Current Coins>::25 Type = Dword Memory ranges = Ca: C++ alloc HomeScapesCoins1.mp4 > turn off Data. > click on Coins above screen to see the change.
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    if the game uses for example .obb you need to put in virtual app because the .obb in android /obb not work in irtual spaces out i think
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    You can also use functions with parameters to specify strings right where they are used: local lang = 1 -- 1 for first lang, 2 for second and so on, first lang as default lang if no specified lang found local function lng(...) local list = {...} local ret = list[lang] if not ret and lang ~= 1 then ret = list[1] end return ret end print(lng('Hello', 'Привет')) lang = 2 print(lng('Hello', 'Привет')) lang = 20 print(lng('Hello', 'Привет'))
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    Can't really tell what you mean by search game.. But if what you mean by( Search) is GAME PROCESSORS then.. Follow this Tip. Open Virtual space... Lunch Gameguardian app first and click start, it will float. Lunch the game you want.. Once it opens, TAP on GG floating icon. If you wait few seconds and other games and apps processors Pops Up and you can't fined The game processor you want, and still look for the processor yourself by Clicking on the game's name at left corner and still cannot fined it.. Just download another virtual space.. TRY VIRTUALEXPOSED.
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    It depends on the virtual Space you're using though. And if it requires downloading new resources, that shouldn't be a problem, Just do that.
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    io.open(your path,"w"):write(anything you want to write) eg: io.open("/sdcard/Download/Newfile.txt","w"):write("This is a new file created by the script.")
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    offset/distance between Dword is 4. so it should be like this : 67890;90::13
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    I uploded the script. I ve tested it for two days without problems Test it please, if it won t work i ll rwmove it
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    Don't worry bro... I already hacked gems.... I post a tutorial wait for sometime...
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    "freezeType" parameter has default value of "gg.FREEZE_NORMAL", so it's not necessary to explicitly specify it. However, you are absolutely correct about missing call to "addListItems" function that is required to save values to saved list.
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    I was tampering around in Research in the pets section of the game, an I accidentally found a glitch where you could get possibly unlimited gems. What I did was I went into the yellow tank section. The second tank had a gem in it, and I was called "A Gift From Lava" or somewhere close to that. I gave it a high rp, like 50K or more. But the main factor was that I searched the level of the tank in Double. (Has to be the exact same value as the level of the tank) Then I let the tank level up again, searched the tanks level again in double. One value came up. (If there is more than one, make sure to level up the tank and look at which value changed) I then froze the value to 0, so the tank stayed at level 0, and because of my 50K or more rp, the tank was leveling up pretty fast. (I was using speedhacks, so i don't know abnout normal speed), and when the tank leveled up, It had a chance to give a gem or more. Basically, I was getting 15 or more gem per second, which was insane, and it showed no sign of stopping. I hope this helped you out. Have a good one! P.S. if you leave and rejoin the game, make sure to do the process again. P.S.S I am new here, logged in officially like 10 minutes ago. Its nice to meet you all!
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    Maybe someone needs to learn how to program.
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    Here hack.lua.luac
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    It would be amazing if something can be done with the slots But playtika seems to know how to do their games.
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    Link sent. Not patched. Works perfectly.
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    Topic for known problem and how it resolve. 1. If you use Tencent Superuser and GG doesn't get root - change this root manager to another. For example: SuperSU.
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    With hide toolbar: Is this height enough for you, or would you like to see more? For example, by hiding the tab bar. Something like this draft: Vote.

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