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    THIS TOPIC CONTINUE WITH LAST TOPIC ABOUT CASTLE CLASH V1.2.39 HACKING. - I appreciate all of your contribute to my topic! Your help makes it better and more effective. Thanks for all! - Besides, IGG member is alway collect all thing in this forum and send to headquarter, so we should not share everything in public. Personal message or group conversation is a better way. Features of this hack: - Hack for damage, health and skill for all heroes, hack damage for troops and towers. - Support all mode: raid and arena (not encourage). HBM, Guild boss, Dungeon and Hero Trial Mode. - Support to switch account. - Still works on newest version 1.2.49. - ALL IS FREE FOR VIP+. QUICK TIPS: - First code for search: * Legendary hero: 1074737971 * Elite hero: 1074056396 * Ordinary hero: 1073007820 ---- On blue line: change DW to 1999999999 -> hack for damage. ---- 4 lines above blue line: change BYTE to 0 -> hack for procs (continuously) and damage. ---- 8 lines above blue line: change BYTE to 328448 -> hack for Health. ---- 8 lines below blue line: change DW to 40108288 -> hack for procs (continuously). ---- 12 lines below blue line: check hero level (max level). You can skip this line. ---- 20 lines below blue line: change BYTE to 43 -> hack Thunder God skill. Download link: - Instructionv4, hero map and calculation file. Link: - Here is sbgamehacker link. Do not update to newest version of sbgamehacker! Caution: - Use it wisely, responsible for what you do. - Don't sell or buy this hack, it's is FREE. - Read instruction with careful before use. - Support by PM or follow topic. Support by me and all member. THANKS FOR YOUR ALL CONTRIBUTION TO THIS TOPIC. Question and Answer: 1. How to install or use sbgamehacker? - Your phone need to be rooted before install and use sbgamehacker. 2. Can i use this hack on emulators like SDK, Bluestacks, Genymotion, etc? - You can not use this hack on emulator without modifying its source. - I suggest Jenneh Motion for this hack. 3. Check code is huddle? I can't run this hack on some phone? - Make sure that your phone have an original ROM before rooted. - Sometime you need restart your phone before hack. - Maybe you got an app on your phone used offset of Paladin, find out and remove it. Or you can use this hack without Paladin, Ninja and Spirit Mage because all code below Succubus is not change. 4. Where can i find the mastercode, hack code, hero skill? How to hack? - Read my instruction v4 and use calculation file to determine hack line. 5. How to log-off banned account? How to play many account on a phone/emulator? - Read method.
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    Play Store Icon Image Name of Game: subway surfer Game Version if known: 1.0 Name of Cheat: coins & distance Steps: Open both subway surfer and GameGuardian. select more regions cause all regions will make the game crash start the game when he s running click on pause do 1000 minus the rested value to complete 1000 distance re do the same thing after playing the game for a while change all the 6 values to the same ammount no to coins hack play game search for current coins return to game for a while re search for new valu change the ammount to whichever u want thanks and sorry for my terrible english

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