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    thanks for the ego strokage d2d, i help out where i can ;-)
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    Precisely. Xologist doesn't want an alliance. He sees us as "competition". No matter if we set up boundaries. The closest I've gotten, is being allowed to link cheats from here, on there. We have CloudFlare, Which won't allow a user to connect, if they have a virus on their computer. I can look into other solutions though. "Lil stuff"???!!! I can't live without you! . You help so much!
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    Name of Game: Zombie Lane Game Version if known: Version 1.0.18 Name of Cheat: Unlimited Coins, Dollars and Food (and Energy) Steps: Basically, the same as other games. Find the values for Coins, Food, and Dollars. Enter the value into Game Guardian, then buy something - then go back to Game Guardian hit Fuzzy, then smaller. Repeat until the search finds a small amount of results. Sometimes I had up to 5 results that were the same, but thats ok - just save them all, and test them out. Once you have found the results, save then load. I only loaded up 999999 to each, but basically it is unlimited, as you can reload those values at anytime. I havent searched for energy, as when you are on the lower levels, the amount of energy you have is too low anyway - but its ok, because when you run out of energy, you need to buy some energy - and you buy it with Food! I wouldnt have played this game, but my wife just started playing it, and I thought may as well have a look, then I thought, hmmmm....maybe it can be hacked, and BOOM....YES IT CAN! Hahahaha! She isnt too happy that I can just hack a game and pass her so fast....but she doesnt want to Root her device, so....thats her fault! ! She cant see the point in playing if you are just going to hack it - but for me, HACKING IS WHAT MAKES THE GAME GOOD!!! I LOVE HACKING GAMES!!! WOO HOO!!!!
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    Oh, and this was done on my HTC One X. Trying to get a screenshot up, but it doesnt want to work....will upload when I have it.

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