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  1. Name of Game: Hex Defense Game Version if known: Unsure Name of Cheat: Unlimited Money, Unlimited lives Steps: This game is very easy to hack. Follow the default Game Guardian hacking routine (find value, spend money, fuzzy, smaller, repeat etc...) - except - with this game, you will need to pause the game to find the values - dont try and find the values while the game is running - you will die before you get there! ! Also, it wont always be smaller, sometimes it goes smaller, larger, smaller - just depends on how fast you are and where you have your turrets placed. Also, when doing the money, I noticed that I was left with 4 value addresses that had the same value amount as my money - so I saved each (naming them money 1, money 2 etc...) - then clicked the same icon, and changed the amount to 999999 each. Saved, then loaded, unpaused and BOOM....$$$$$ galore. I then used the same for the lives - although, it is also a case of pause/unpause - let the enemies kill you one by one - you should be able to find the value at life number 8. I changed mine to 99. I used to hack this with Game CIH, so I would lock the value of the lives to 99 - but with Game Guardian im not sure how to do this, so you will have to change the values of the lives every so often - but that is no drama! Love this game!
  2. Name of Game: Small Street Game Version if known: Not sure Name of Cheat: Unlimited $$$$ and Glu credits Steps: I know that there is already a hack for this game, however, the other hack is using a Hex editor, and as I am not familiar with those, and for those who are not familiar with Hex editors, I have put up this for Game Guardian. The steps are just the generic Game Guardian hacks. Find the value of your money - then enter value into Game Guardian (GG), spend a small amount, then hit Fuzzy and Smaller, then keep repeating until you find the value for money. Rename, save, and move onto Glu credits. Same process applies to Glu credits - then once you have both, save them for this game, change the values and then save and then load and BOOM. Game is hacked. This was a game my wife plays - to be honest, I cant get into it - too much micro management, but hey - its a game, and it can be hacked! Mwuuuwaaahaaahaaa!!! I hacked $99 million dollars and 999999 glu credits!
  3. I got one from Game Guardian - that works too. Nice work mate!
  4. Oh, and this was done on my HTC One X. Trying to get a screenshot up, but it doesnt want to work....will upload when I have it.
  5. Name of Game: Zombie Lane Game Version if known: Version 1.0.18 Name of Cheat: Unlimited Coins, Dollars and Food (and Energy) Steps: Basically, the same as other games. Find the values for Coins, Food, and Dollars. Enter the value into Game Guardian, then buy something - then go back to Game Guardian hit Fuzzy, then smaller. Repeat until the search finds a small amount of results. Sometimes I had up to 5 results that were the same, but thats ok - just save them all, and test them out. Once you have found the results, save then load. I only loaded up 999999 to each, but basically it is unlimited, as you can reload those values at anytime. I havent searched for energy, as when you are on the lower levels, the amount of energy you have is too low anyway - but its ok, because when you run out of energy, you need to buy some energy - and you buy it with Food! I wouldnt have played this game, but my wife just started playing it, and I thought may as well have a look, then I thought, hmmmm....maybe it can be hacked, and BOOM....YES IT CAN! Hahahaha! She isnt too happy that I can just hack a game and pass her so fast....but she doesnt want to Root her device, so....thats her fault! ! She cant see the point in playing if you are just going to hack it - but for me, HACKING IS WHAT MAKES THE GAME GOOD!!! I LOVE HACKING GAMES!!! WOO HOO!!!!
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