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  2. This script is Online. He use Webhost. I also tried to decrypt with gg mod its fully decrypted. But you can decrypt by basic compiler. DECOM.luaBadCaseScriptLauncher.lua.lua
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  4. Not a joke for someone who has enough knowledge to do this.
  5. You can ask @NoFear or @BadCase, they very good at this.
  6. You'll see It's a long project in the works.
  7. Wtf ? If it wont be in LUA , it wont be in GG too . If i am wrong than it means that badcase is going to add another example Java script in GG xd . Or make new app like gg . Idk huh . What do u mean i dont understand . If not in lua then where ? All game hacking apps are in LUA (For example cheat engine) . Idk idk . I am just waiting for it
  8. Agreed. Nothing is perfect. But I don't think the script will be in lua either. So will require different knowledge and skills.
  9. Ok . So , it will be like revo huh . Ok u will see . Just share and we will see how good will this encryption . After some time anything can be defeated !
  10. Script won't be able to launch from normal gg. That's where your problem lies.
  11. Oh really ? Finally i can decrypt Revo6.0 chunk and badcase script cannot be decrypted ? What a joke ? As i know all his new version launcher will be executable for Normal GG and you are telling me that cannot decrypt . Huh big joke
  12. Watch on Youtube: 79.0: View text in UTF-16LE - GameGuardian
  13. My thought is it isn't a big deal. That's the launcher. You don't have anything else. But, in the near future, you won't be able to decrypt I think any of his work. @BadCase correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Fully decrypted in 15 second but . . . Dear @BadCase i have decrypted this laincher so can i share ur script here for this person ? Tell me Y / N . I never ask to owner for share his dec files but i aksed u bcs we were friends in the past so tell me can i share here ? I dont want to tell i am good . I am teling you badcase that u are working hard and it can be decoded in few seconds. Change encrytion use another encryotions (search on chinese pages) . Of course it will be decryptable but at least begginer wont be able to dec it so change encryption .
  15. Hi guys I’m new on this site. I’m playing Simcity Buildit please holla at me if you are Simcity Buildit fans
  16. Im using new version 79 but its is still showing patch not loaded.. Have proper root also
  17. @aucassin I believe you don't need a N=O+D search for animal "love", I just directly searched for and changed the number of points written on the screen. It decrease each time you interact and decreases each time you reach a new level.
  18. @popineo1 how to determine what amount of xp you get after interacting with animals? someone posted (x1 food = 3xp, x2 = 7xp and x3 = 12xp) but it didn't work for me.
  19. TopGEOYT


    I wil send u in PM .
  20. Ok you send me a link [added 0 minutes later] Send me you're link
  21. TopGEOYT


    No it is not link .
  22. There https://web.telegram.org/#/im
  23. Hey there, I tried to decrypt/decompile this gameguardian file brom BadCase. I tried this with a lot of files on YouTube, but it didn’t work for me. I don’t know if I used this wrong or if it is just not working. I just don’t know how to decompile/decrypt, is someone able to do this for me? It goes about the following file: BadCase's Script Launcher (#5vkp70uo) Thanks in advanced!
  24. TopGEOYT


    Go in Telegram > Settings > press on username and copy link .
  25. But how? [added 0 minutes later] Lol you can't Dec that lol
  26. wanted to know how to make the script recognize a particular cell. just pick up that cell phone. and not others. Does anyone know how to do this?
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