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  2. By the way, in addition to the previous one, I would like to indicate one thing. I owe you nothing. Just as you owe me nothing. I do not have to implement something in GG, nor should I not implement something. Don't you like something? Do not use GG. I do not force you to use it. I do not force you to write scripts for GG. This is your choice. On the contrary, you should be grateful that you use my work for free. Believe me, this is quite a difficult job. If you are not satisfied with something, create your own hacking tool and do what you want there.
  3. MrCanan

    Archero Script

    Hi, First, thanks for your awesome work. But it is not working for me...I used : - Memu v6.0.6.0 (and I try also with the last v6.2.5) - GameGuardian v82.1 - VirtualXposed_0.17.3_for_GameGuardian - Archero1.6.0.lua - Archero v1.6.0 (lastest on the store, and we are forced to use it) So all from this post. ^^ I attach my screenshots : - The script is successfully download - GameGuardian and VirtualXposed are successfully installed - VirtualXposed launch successfully GameGuardian - GameGuardian is successfully uninstalled but still started with VirtualXposed - The game is successfully installed and connected to my Account - GameGuardian is successfully over the game - The options 2,3 and 4 are checked in GameGardian "Hide Menu" - GameGuardian has successfully loaded the script - The script menu is successfully opened - But the game dead! If I go very fast, I can click on one row of the menu, I can see the percent starting on the top of the GameGuardian logo, but it crashes in all cases. Please, can you help me? Thank you in advance, Best regards.
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  5. I'm Sorry My mistake, I run script when mastery not yet loaded in memory
  6. sddar


    ????? yes or no
  7. learning with game guardian, reach a point where it is not continued, explain the process below: GameGuardian + War and Magic: change the value of gold first, note to use it in other games, that the values that are reset to 0 and are set to the amount you had when entering, are easy to change to the first one, on the loading screen, I want to understand that it has to do with linked values that it loads from some point, at that point, it is where you modify it before it connects to the server or your account second, the data of quantities, which are fixed without a previous count, you can modify them falsely, as soon as you change buying something, that value is returned to your site, doing the same process in the same game in those 2 types of data, it is I get to observe This is where my first question comes in, that false data, if by modifying the value, freeze marks, they do not return to your site, but if they are being spent without you seeing it, what is it or what is the freezing option used for? to end. in War and Magic I do not find the logic, it seems that looking for the value (gold) in different points of the loading screen, you will see groups of data (for example up to 33 total data), that if you look only at the end do not appear , (for example, from 4 to 12) second, doing a search of the value (gold) you can shorten the search by giving it a range of data blocks (*****; *****-*****) in this case I believe that the gold value is in A -14 (I never saw this) that the data block is negative says something about it? second, in the data save mark I can see that some values go back to 0 (of those that correspond to the gold) and others to -Xm can be due to the fact that it loads the value in one area, and then downloads it in another ( all this talking about changes in load screens) third, toward the end of the loading screen, blocks of 4 or 5 values are generated, which I modify (or I delete directly) to the same amount as the rest, to the seconds of returning to open the search, it seems that other 4 are generated or 5, inside the same root 7CCD78 .... why? last, I can get to find the specific value that corresponds to the gold, before finishing the load I can even modify it in game (both cases only with the freeze mode, giving me a false amount as I already commented) but I am unable to, in the same value , be kept as real data before finishing the load, any help? thx
  8. @Enyby Car mastery not working with script 1.31 on asphalt 8 v4.2.0l but career working fine
  9. It is not simple. Not easy at all. To do this, you have to do too much. I don't have time for this at the moment. However, one day, I will post here such a script.
  10. i have a interesting experiment that we can do, you can write and encode a script in a fashion that makes it impossible for a user to steal it and post it here and we can see how long it takes for users to post an unencrypted version of the script, it should be pretty simple for you to write one that cant have the code stolen...
  11. I'm afraid some scripts, in binary form, do not lend themselves to normal decryption. So the fact that you save them will not give you anything. Naturally, this is not easy to do.
  12. you have it setup so that a user can save the entire unencrypted code of any loaded script to a archive, it doesnt matter how its written....
  13. Try search gold value and can't change it, and also tried changing to upgrade value also not working https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lemonchiligames.floyds&hl=en
  14. Lenn1

    Hacking rare currencies

    you just have a known value of sweets, diamonds and gold to make a search, these values are close to each other, simple ... but the greater the value of gold and diamonds, the more accurate is the search for sweets (mints) since which I have at least 1. example: 5 mins 500 diamonds 10,000 gold coins in the format dword: 5D; 500D; 10000D: 512 depending on the current value you have, the results may be accurate with few results in the search, but tb may appear hundreds and thousands
  15. blognau

    Copy As Group Search

    Oh ok...i get it ..thank eneby
  16. Thanks I'll try to see if it's what I need ^^
  17. still no luck i m guessing
  18. TopGEOYT

    Verify the result

    Example : gg.searchNumber(5,gg.TYPE_FLOAT) if gg.getResultsCount() < 1 then gg.alert("No Results !") return end if results will not be after search then . . . select your action .
  19. -SAICOBO-

    Verify the result

    Is there a script to verify the result? that is to say, if you did not give me the result I occupy, I will return to the menu or start a new search
  20. Enyby

    Copy As Group Search

    Values too far. You can not use group search. Even if you try you will find too many results. Group search mean search group nearly located values. So if you try search values located very far, then you find all same values between it. [added 1 minute later] in menu, in this case "copy as group search", because you need copy as group search. It is obvious.
  21. blognau

    Copy As Group Search

    What is appropriate item? I dont get it...
  22. azizokz

    Hacks for pubg

    Download Game Secure VPN and Install (for avoiding Id banned use with scripts) Download Game Gardian and Install start game secure and connect after selecting host script then start game gardian and select game from the list. select script from the play button enjoy. Links for Files
  23. I played and I found this value, but I don't ask to share
  24. @Zig Do you have a social network where you can communicate?
  25. Latest Hacking tool Release for Hacking Banned Issue of PUBG Game Secure VPN.apk Link Given Below. Game Secure VPN. 1. Download our Game Secure VPN. 2. Download Game Gardian. 3. Install Both 4. Open Game Secure VPN 5. Connect VPN 6. Use Game Gardian with any Cheat Enjoy Download Game Secure VPN. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QTkfxogvRAHLZH5It-KTYIETr4vlvu4_/view Media Fire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/djtp9c6lfa2erha/Game_Secure_VPN.apk/file
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