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  2. So it's possible.... Minor headache doing it. See my med kits Edit: got greedy. Attempted something else in my inventory. 3 accounts banned. Haha It's like codestage they have. Not sure if right after you edit the value, and game closes, clear game data and then open it back up. Not sure if this could help prevent ban or not. Things can be edited directly. Xor key 444444. Value 4 bytes below. 8 bytes below the value is the plain dword value. So to edit both at same time, you can't pause game. So figure out the xor of the value you want to use. So if you want to do 500. Highlight both values, then click the edit button. Enter this, 444,904;500. 1st will be the xor value then dword of xor. Game will crash. But I think if you clear data BEFORE reopening it might help not get banned. I could be wrong.
  3. Hey guys I'm new to this whole website and tool. Just recently started playing Archero and its super fun but I can only play it for so long because the game limits you by taking from your maximum "power" per round you play. I started looking into gameguardian and saw that a lot of people are able to basic hack the game using this tool, but for some reason I cant seem to get it working. I run into a problem rather early on: the game just crashes even if opened without gameguardian in the virtual space app. I've tried 3 different apps and they all are incompatible with Archero: Parallel Space, and two others who's names elude me at this time. Any way, I'm just looking for a little help and confirmation if I'm the only one encountering the problem. Thanks!
  4. Fury Survivor: Pixel Z (#dmjvajqn)
  5. That work for you? I'll check that game it. Their isn't much many games that GG can't gain access to for me.
  6. Haa! By the way, the same with the game "Fury Survivor: Pixel Z", as soon as there is a hack, the game immediately crashes and when you restart, they immediately get banned! Good defense!
  7. View File Rename Blocker For all script . Hello Guys . Today i will show you simple file rename blocker for GG Lua Script . It is by me ( no coyright ) . If you have any questions ask me in comments . Submitter TopGEOYT Submitted 05/26/2019 Category Templates  
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    Hello Guys . Today i will show you simple file rename blocker for GG Lua Script . It is by me ( no coyright ) . If you have any questions ask me in comments .
  9. Name of Game: The Outlived:Zombie Survival Play Store Link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.herogame.gplay.theoutlived Version: 1.0.13 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Anything possible. Such as energy,money Have you tried cheating this game?: No 
  10. This cheat dungeon maker work in version 1.7.6 ~ 1.8.2 and sorry for slow respond bro, iam very busy now. see yaa
  11. Hack Dungeon maker Dark Lord Level in game 1.play new game and select battle in day 0 2.stay in battle result ! now remember exp you get example i get 55 exp 3.Now search 55 xor 444442 , you can using calculator or go http://xor.pw/# with select all type decimal 4.search value "444461" result from 55 xor 444442 in game guardian with type dword 5.i only get 1 result,if you get more result play next battle and you get 1 value different 6.now i edit value from 444461 to 420.000.000 then i check freeze 7.move to new day select battle and see some magic work play battle to get lvl 99.999 with 500k health then unfreeze value or dungeon maker crash if you play next newgame this cheat dungeon maker working version 1.7.6 ~ 1.8.2 you done and.happy gaming. pw;dont forget send love if u like this
  12. Hack Dungeon Maker for Devil stone , Point , Rebirt level , Dark lord Level 1.new game go to trial mode 1 ~ myth difficulity, because u need trial cards or continue game with trial card event - continues battle until u get trial card event. day 1 i have 810 pt 2. select trial card,like the red one in the center 3. now you have value for search like 400;100;200 in my case 4. open game guardian and use group search 5.then you get result 400 100 and 200 ,next refine value for example 400 in my case 6.now edit 400 to value you like, example i change to 130.000.000 7.back to game and select 400 pt card name is "supression" in my case (because iam edit this value before) 8.Go to battle ,now in day 3 i have 780xxxxx value (more battle more PT u get) result -get lvl up for rebirt and got 5k ~ 9k red stone for abyss shop -get dark lord lvl up to 15 open all skill *require have awakening this cheat dungeon maker working version 1.7.6 ~ 1.8.2 hope you understand and sorry for my bad english pw:dont forget send love if u like this
  13. Hello I had some scripts to post untill then nice to meet everyone
  14. NoFear - I appreciate you must be very busy, but I would gladly sponsor somebody of your capabilities to hack this game. The in-app purchases are crazy expensive. If there was some way to tweak silver or gold values, that would be great, and certainly worthwhile of donations. I play on a non-jailbroken IOS - would this make a difference? Thank you!
  15. Yummytea

    Root Guide

    Nah nothing work i dont know whT to do lol
  16. For anyone wondering, the amount of magizoology XP you get is the same as the creature XP you get. So if you feed your creature and get 30 diamonds or creature XP, you will get 30 magizoology XP. That should help anyone trying to find their magizoology XP as you can use that in 'N=O+D' to refine to actual value.
  17. How to hack coin in game shadow fight 3?
  18. My brother is doing the hacking um but i don't know how to do this costum packs and the animal please but can you help me please Don't show me as a screenshot Thanks in advance now
  19. y it not wallhack . but it is walltrough lolz yeah... -_- now tell did you know anything about it ?
  20. I'm just a GG user. Hide options 2 and 3 Try installing game in virtual environment and running GG from device. Couple options to try.
  21. Enyby

    Yalla Live free coins

    Android only here.
  22. Device: SM-J700F COMBINATION OF SETTINGS( Provide me with a video link So, you're asking a normal GG user to do the developer stuffs??
  23. it not wallhack . but it is walltrough lolz
  24. Name of the game you want hacked: Yalla Live Chat Version of the game: Yalla-Group Voice Chat Rooms iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yalla-group-voice-chat-rooms/id1091902866?mt=8 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Non-jailbroken Requested Features: I want to get a hack for free coins on this app, since it's paid for now. if someone hack it for some money I'm ready. pm me.
  25. The right combination of settings and depending on device, can bypass it.
  26. hello simcity do you have a war scenario?
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