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    Same as me, they arent responding issue on github anymore i think. please anyone give solution. btw this is not only POCO F1, Many xiaomi devices cant use vxp anymore.
  2. Hi, due to VXP's error in my phone, i decided to change virtual app. But, other virtual apps have different feature like VXP. i need app that has a feature to clone app more than 1 (Not like Paralel Space). So can anyone tell me what is the best solution virtual app like VXP? ty.
  3. Is there are Virtual App but the feature is same as VXP? like duplicating app ( not only 1 like paralel space) or etc.
  4. Hi. Anyone getting same error? Vxp (GG supported) always fc after opening. Any solution?@enyby Phone : POCO F1
  5. Are you sure you want to hack game with iOS? Android have many advantages than iOS so i prefer use andro to hacks.
  6. If i encrypted the script, will the expiration work? Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
  7. Sorry, what does random config for? Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
  8. set to 2 days but after 2 days nothing happened. Btw you tried it and working? Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
  9. i don't have idea to make different expired date per each device. Can you help/ give me clue? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi. I have a script, and i want my script can auto expired for 2 days, so the user of my script after 2 days from using it first time it'll expired and the user need to download again. But is it possible? Thanks in advance.
  11. I got an error while running game guardian in paralel space. How to fix this?
  12. Cornysz

    function error

    I want to do it, but i can't fix it hmm :(
  13. Cornysz

    function error

    waduhek, i need it right now about searchnumber function. Want to ask in stackoverflow but smth error so i ask here :/
  14. Cornysz

    function error

    i need to fix the searchnumber :/
  15. Cornysz

    function error

    if u need the script.lua pm meh
  16. Cornysz

    function error

    function searchauto(search) gg.searchNumber(search, gg.TYPE_AUTO, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) end ::pkat:: do gg.toast('Please wait. Loading!') searchauto('98W;98W;125F') local a=gg.getResults(4) freeze(a,'5480',2) freeze(a,'5480',3) freeze(a,'5480',4) aa = gg.alert('blabla','OK') goto smth end i only copy the code related to searchauto function
  17. Cornysz

    function error

    Yeh already, same error
  18. Cornysz

    function error

    "Place first run or call first run in last script" what do u mean? im not understand hehe srry :/
  19. Cornysz

    function error

    already bro. i place the function in upper line and i call in below it. but still error :/
  20. Cornysz

    function error

    So i put function code liek this in upper line function searchauto(search) gg.searchNumber(search, gg.TYPE_AUTO, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) end and then i use the function (this is just for example) ::code:: searchauto('183W;183W;125F') blabla after i execute my script i got an error attempt to call nil, i don't understand. How to fix this? Ty in advance
  21. Cornysz

    LUA scripting

    l m a o[emoji23]
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