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  1. How to hide GameGuardian to avoid detection (Root only)



    Are you tired of nasty anti-cheats detecting GameGuardian ...even you are not using it? You can hide it in virtual space apps

    Using GameGuardian from virtual space with root permission can help hide the fact that there is a GameGuardian on the device.

    This method may not work on some ROMs/firmwares or virtual spaces.

    The games must still be installed outside virtual. Only GameGuardian should be installed inside virtual and uninstalled from outside

    Download links:

    List of working virtual apps for hiding:

    Video Tutorials:

    Text Tutorial (VirtualXposed):

    In this tutorial, I will use VirtualXposed app to install GG with root permission

    Download VirtualXposed and install it

    Launch VirtualXposed

    Click on white icon to open settings

    Click on Add App

    Allow the storage permission

    Install/clone GameGuardian.

    Note: it may have different name

    Choose way to install. I just choose VirtualXposed

    Open the GameGuardian. You will see a welcome screen.

    Below, click on the button Fix it on right side

    Select Use root in virtual space

    Choose Yes (dangerous)

    Save and restart

    Do not forget to uninstall GameGuardian outside virtual

    Open GameGuardian again and start it

    If it can see apps outside virtual (apps that don't have icons), it works

    No cheat detection 😄

    If you are using GameGuardian and the game detects it, you can hide it in runtime

    Open Menu -> Hide GameGuardian from the game

    Select all 4

    The game should not detect it anymore (depending on the game securities)


  2. Container

    I am not an author. I am only upload the app here. Address all requests for updating the app to the author on Github. He does not exist here.

    It is useless to write here in the comments, reviews, or to me in PM! All of this will be ignored. Write to the author on Github!


    Requires Android: Android 5.1 (Lollipop MR1) or later.

    There is support for x86.

    Uninstall the official version before installing the optimized version.
    Differences of the optimized version: no error 105.

    To install any applications, you may need to disable safe mode in the settings. See screenshots.


  3. 11 minutes ago, MrXnuv3r said:

    Are THERE or NO tips on choosing values that are near 10 & 35000 to be used as a group search for more specific results ???

    1. Add values which always present between/near them.

    2. Do not add values which not always present between/near them.

    3. Avoid add values which always present between/near them, but which not reduce count of matched items.

    4. If your values always on specified distance - make refine search for exclude matches which on shorter distance.

  4. With such serious allegations, you need to have compelling evidence.
    So far I have not seen anything bad on the screenshots.
    They are generally not related to the things you are writing about.
    So either you made a mistake when loading screenshots, or you don’t understand the issue and do not know how to read Lua code.

  5. Water Clone + 32-Bit Support

    Requires Android: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or later.


    Before installing the optimized version, uninstall the version from Google Play.
    Differences of the optimized version: no error 105.


    About second apk (32-Bit Support):


    Most apps already support 64-bit libraries. If you need to clone apps that only support 32-bit libraries, you need to install this program.



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