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    That means, the value of the coins and diamonds are saved in the server. Not on your phone. Imagine this. In school, you got a 40% for your exam. The teacher gave you the exam paper and you change it to 100%. On the paper, it is 100%. But the teacher already saved your score on her computer which is 40%. So in this example, the paper is = client side. ##You can change the numbers as much as you want, but it wont matter. Because the teacher computer = server side. ##It has your original value. There is 1 way. You log in the teacher computer to change the value. But, the teacher's computer has a password and the teacher is always holding it. It is the same for your game, you must hack the server = very very very very hard. I hope you understand the example, because if you don't....You should stop hacking/cheating and start learning simple understanding of words.
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    When call "Check" in gg.alert It's like this :
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    Hello, i have an error You can try it When checking new version there's some error Encrypt : #.lua No Encrypt : #[No Encrypt].lua
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    No way. Watch what you write.
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    what is the exact search value of ghost radar??
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    can you share the link of the original source please? im going to convert it to CE
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    Thank you. Where's the update? I will wait.
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    Bro I know you copied from the another guys who posted this previously without any encryption so please stop crediting your self and stealing his work. It's the same hacks/ options too.
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    View File HOW TO MAKE A LUA SCRIPT FOR ANY GAME More scripts from the creator This is a template that will help you create a script menu for any game Download the apps used in this video: lua editor GG tester WATCH THESE VIDEOS TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE A LUA SCRIPT FOR ANY GAME PART 1 WATCH THIS VIDEO TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE A LUA SCRIPT FOR ANY GAME PART 2: PART 3 Submitter RONO_PLAYS Submitted 04/27/2019 Category Templates  

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