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    You want something like this.
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    For that you need loop.Try this , local s = gg.getResults(99999) local t = {} for i, v in ipairs(s) do if i % 3 == 0 then t[#t + 1] = v end end print(t) After the loop give this table to setValues to edit or to addListItems to freeze.
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    Hi everyone I looking for hack this game Werewolf Online https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.werewolfapps.online&hl=en Can I hack this wheel, it use rose to roll to earn gold (200-800g). The wheel is show when you touch to rose in inventory. I know the data is server side but can I change the amount of rose take when roll (30 rose) or chance to get the max gold of wheel (800 gold) Thanks for your help!
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    In first case , after search you refine the value 1145569280 in DWORD.Then take offset of 2 , and search that address in WORD and edit it. Similarly in second case , refine 1065353216 in Dword , and take offset of 2, anf search in WORD to edit.
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    If return value from gg.alert or gg.multiChoice == nil, then dialog canceled. So do appropriate action like hide UI and wait while it open.

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