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  2. Cece16

    FarmVille CE Help

    That’s simple
  3. it’s not working having more than 5000 gems.. i have 999999 gems. If you want i will clone your land
  4. You can do it only in gg
  5. I am wondering if anyone has a list of the SimCity buildit item codes for all items? If not, any tips on how to get the item codes for the raw materials from factories, war items, and regional items? I can figure out the ones available in the neomall over time, but these are harder. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Today
  7. Awesome work unfortunately unlimited ammo does not work on the last update you released today
  8. Copy and paster to system-etc ( root ) Use virtual hosts.apk ( no root )
  9. Enyby

    Android 9

    This is an apk from the market. After optimization, it works as it works. So this is the problem of the developers of this application. I can not do anything.
  10. View File Zombie Avengers Hack/Script Its a simple hack, with it you can hack gems and coins, you don't get banned, cuz this game have only protection for resources. Good luck! And yes i copied this description from LoS hack Submitter _GanGster_ Submitted 04/22/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  11. @NoFear Do you know if there is any way to get clothes from past events?
  12. Is it possible to hack Raid Sgadow legends? Even just a gem hack would do. I’ve tried for days and can’t figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you
  13. pentax

    Case Clicker 2

    Hey. I tried to change count of items in inventory but i can't do that. I cheated money and coins on casino. Can someone help me and tells me how to hack items count in inventory.
  14. There is only one Lua script for Ludo King on the internet which is without doubt at gameguardian.net but that's not working. Plz help. Changing values only help in offline mode and as specified by gameguardian it can hack Ludoking (online), so plz do it. Ludo King is very popular now.
  15. Plis how to dencrypt this? 1 Is normal 1_dec I dencrypt use UnluaC Plis help me i want know one code 1_dec 1
  16. ZTzTopiaa

    I need encrypt

    I want something can hide all code in the script
  17. I need some codes of ark mobile, I can pay Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studiowildcard.wardrumstudios.ark
  18. Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.auxbrain.egginc Hi, in this game there is a currency that is called prophcy eggs which you get from timed contracts. If you miss them there is no way to start those contracts again so I would like to add the eggs that I missed. I tried some basic stuff like searching for the values and group searching but I am no pro with gameguardian. Maybe someone with more experience can assist :)
  19. Do not use goto. Use functions instead.
  20. Damage 10% Work? Wut virtual you use?
  21. thank you, but I want hack gem and gold :v, you can help me ? thank you so help me so much
  22. The process im looking for wont show up, im also non root
  23. use 5.0/2 First argument must be float if you want float.
  24. Yesterday
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