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  2. Did you test it? Any thing new to search for , away from the game for weeks now. Jurassic everything is pretty easy to do. Will try now to get the dino pet. Can you build the jeep yet , I hckd all the resources but cant complete it.
  3. Yesterday
  4. How to unlock the last towers using game guardain
  5. Cake-a-holic

    West Game

    Just started playing but havent tried any hacks yet. Wondering if speedups or item quantities is a more likely hack when you buy. Them with gold or loyalty points
  6. Share to me and I will pay $10 Trial is no problem... if VIP please tell me how much?? And review that script
  7. The Legend of ZYCA is an offline action adventure RPG game from SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC. while we are buy playing The House of Da Vinci 2 we have just received the news that Zyca APK MOD is now available in English as well. Its a Vertical Offline Action RPG Game which is developed using Unreal Engine 4. The game plays in Vertical settings but this does not limit the fun you get while playing this amazing offline Android game. Play Store link- ZYCA Paid Download link- ZYCA Free
  8. View File GOB Firerate Menu This is a remade script, this time it won't press a random button when trying to minimize, Follow the on script instructions on how to use it. This is a fire rate script for gods of boom. Submitter Fevirre Submitted 02/22/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  9. Super brain game hacked Watch this first vedio on youtube hacking super brain game by using game guardian.have fun Play games your way
  10. Brain Games has been producing for a long time and is waiting for my teachers who love puzzle, mystery and travel games. Your goal is to progress and make discoveries by solving mysteries in the mysterious house you are in with the character you control. Long-term game structure, detailed processed environments, successful setup and more are waiting for you. The House of Da Vinci 2 is available for download in latest version for everyone. Walk through mysterious rooms - corridors, run moving systems and reach the truth beneath the puzzles. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. The House of Da Vinci 2 is 18.99TL on the Play Store. Paid Play store- The House of Da Vinci 2 Direct link- The House of Da Vinci 2
  11. Dima222

    Fan of Guns

    Good afternoon, could you please cheat on the fan of guns on the type of aim bot, see through the wall and so on. I hope you hear me.
  12. Any news or updates, any hope to use game guardian on this game . Any help is appreciated , thanks.
  13. Drok

    Kungfu clicker

    Me, but it will not free, i'm so sorry, if you want then contact me, i will for you see a picture i hacked it
  14. Last week
  15. View File The Battle Cats Scrips All characters Reinforce all character Destory enemy castle Unban Download all file Submitter Alpha2020K Submitted 02/22/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  16. How to find the cue guide line value for any pool game
  17. View File Gods Of Boom ByMeto Gods Of Boom Dead Walking System Features // Type : Armeabi-v7 / 32 Do I need root? : Yes Note , Works only on 32-bit supported phones The game may not open in Parallel Space Virtual Space etc. applications. Game Script Features // --Antena Esp --Perfect Aim --Camera Aim --Max Ammo / No reload 2524 -- Auto Speed -- Auto Rapid Fire --Manual Speed / You can set the charecter speed to your own setting --Manual Rapid Fire / You can set the firing speed of the weapon to your desired setting --Fov Hack --Easy Walhack / On the Edge of the Wall, you see the Place of the Opponents --Charecter Color --Chams Color --Options Script opening information // Username = bymeto Password = guns Contact // Edit & ByMeto Telegram : http://t.me/godsofboom Gmail :mylale011@gmail.com 4_5942538826877502968.mp4 Submitter Metin011 Submitted 02/21/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  18. Metin011

    dnSpy, HxD and GG

    Yes, it is used. Ilcpp usually consists of offsets, compiled with c #. You can find the hex code of the offsets here, scan in gg and write the script accordingly
  19. For the last two (number of resources or transforming a resource into an item), you have to do it after you've collected the resources. I suggest you do it before entering the next room. The thing is, the number you have to enter for this to work is the total number of the resources you currently have in your "inventory". For instance, if you were to loot 2 ring scrolls then in the next room 3 more ring scrolls, you would have a total of 5 and that is the number you have to enter in order to perform the hack (whichever it is). Sometimes the transformation doesn't work perfectly, if you loot 2 ring scrolls and transform then into an item (let's say a Serpent ring), then in the next room you loot more ring scrolls, there is a chance your hacked serpent ring revert back into ring scrolls. In order to prevent that, my suggestion is to as soon as you loot the resources you wanted to transform, transform it, go to the next room and die.
  20. Heyy could you try to post this video on a other site bc. Ist not anymore aviable on youtube
  21. Drok

    Grow Castle

    I can cheat diamond but it will not band you, if you want then contact me
  22. View File Kuyang Test Download and tets thin script Submitter abdoel_x Submitted 02/20/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  23. Enyby

    GG's been detected

    The solution exists in the help of GameGuardian.
  24. Darian011

    Dragon City

    Who can help me with a hack on dragon city pls a script for jams
  25. Hello, as mentioned in title 1. Monster drop item While exploring the dungeon,all monster drop the same item in each dungeon but it doesn't always drop, so is their any way to change it ? To like get 50 or 100 each monster ? 2. While exploring the dungeon you get shining items to pick up and all the shining items are same name but value is random from 1 to 2 and to total of 3 shining item each dungeon. Is their any way to change it to 50 or 100 ? (I don't wanna go overkill ) All the help is appreciated
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