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    Glad to here that Dont forget to read this
  3. View File Roblox script Big script with 3 different makers scripts Iwhite3 script (me) DUVI script Scripterboy script Submitter Iwhite3 Submitted 05/30/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  4. Virtual Expose is different from Mortal Combat. Referring to image you posted.
  5. Can you say which game u want to hack?
  6. Whem I edit the value to any number, it subtracts the value from the timer, Also I appreciate the help bro.
  7. After the recent update of Homescapes I can't change money value for consumables (like hammer, thor, hand). It was pretty easy before. Start the level. Search for money value of thor's hammer as FLOAT. Change the group that has been found to "-1" value as FLOAT. And you got yourself a free consumable! After this recent update, once I try to change the group that has been found to "-1" - nothing happens... Can anyone help me? Can anyone explain me what to do now to change consumables?
  8. 1. UTF-8 + Hex mixed search seems to omit some results. For example, open a Unity3D game and try to search zero-terminated string UnityWebRequest: utf8 -- [:UnityWebRequest] yield dozens results, and I manually verified that multiple of them ends with \0. utf8+hex -- [Q 'UnityWebRequest' 00] yield very few result, obviously missing many of them. 2. UTF8 etc. search seems to put addresses of every matched string byte into search result, how to make it only add begin address?
  9. Guys is it possible to hack World of Dragon Nest using game guardian? Also if any of you have scripts that can help, I'd appreciate it.
  10. ItsSC

    How to do zoom hack?

    Many numbers between 0 and 1. So you can divide them into half, like edit values between 0.5 to 1. Then if the results are many, cut the results into half, edit the half part. Just try making the results lesser and lesser.
  11. Game crash not because you freeze those values, it's because you edit some address that cannot be edit, and cause crash. Also.. editing such enormous amount definitely implies that you're doing something wrong.
  12. ItsSC

    About Script

    Okay.. I misunderstand your words. Very easy, just a blank txt file, and type in all the codes and name it with .lua. If you use desktop, can try notepad++. If you are using phone, use quick edit or mt manager.
  13. Pubg force closing when i load scprit. Don't load the script.
  14. gg.androidVersion() gg.sdkVersion() I ordered 2 functions.
  15. HEROGAMEOfficial


    @EnyBy just developer GameGuardian i think.
  16. If you not on a phone, it doesnt work unless...
  17. I have seen how to get sim cash, simoleons and keys using game guardian. But how do you get platinum keys?
  18. Nobody know full list of gg commands. Its lost knoweldge from ancient. What we have now - only other scripts. We need study it for learn more.
  19. Thank you so much. I kinda really curious about this game. But my skill is limited, a newbie at this. I'm still trying to find the value for skill points.
  20. View File Menu for gg lua script HOME = 1 function HOME() menu = gg.choice({ "MENU 2", },nil,'=============\nMENU 1 MAIN\n=============') if menu == 1 then MENU2() end HOMEDM = -1 end function MENU2() menu2 = gg.choice({ "BACK", },nil,'========\nMENU 2\n========') if menu2 == 1 then HOME() end end while true do if gg.isVisible(false) then HOMEDM = 1 gg.setVisible(false) end if HOMEDM == 1 then HOME() end end Submitter SHELL_SCRIPT Submitted 05/30/2020 Category Templates  
  21. I buy a character in a game called Conquest of empires 2. When purchasing a character, spend 200 diamonds at a time to purchase a loyalty in the range of 1-20. You can buy a character when your loyalty reaches 100, but you have to consume about 2000 diamonds. So, I want to set the maximum loyalty value that can be purchased once to 20?
  22. Ive tried to install MK Mobile to hack with game guardian on VirtualXposed to no avail.
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