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  1. I am curious if people still actively play this. It has quite the strong following, as well as co-op. Here is what is working: Unlimited Gold Eggs Unlimited Chickens (max on Contracts) Unlimited Boost Tokens (Giftable) Unlimited Cash I am seeking some guidance for this new update... Maybe some ways that we can complete the spaceship missions faster without the use of changing device date/time. Though the Dev's detection on this is minimal, it will still mark you as a cheater in Co-Op as well as possibly reset awards earned. Things I would like to achieve: Spaceship completion Manipulation of artifacts Manipulation of egg laying rate and or amount of eggs laid Most common datatype is Double. Occasional use of DWord. I have found very few matching Encrypteds but no avail to editing them, making me thing they may be unrelated or irrelevant. Some values seem to be protected or overwritten from somewhere else, browsing memory regions I didn't find anything that popped out at me. Will keep trying, though. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Egg inc golden eggs

    Jumpy, You are not going to want to use DWord because the value can exceed that size. Most values used in the game are going to be Double. Your first surefire approach is to wait for an ad reward that gives eggs. This could also work for a brown package. Scan the golden egg reward as Double (increase the 'Only the first N results to 100,000,000). If your results are 10-11 (or something reasonable) you can either change each one independently, or wrecklessly change all values to some large number (50000 or maybe even something like 1.5e12). Going too high will bug it out, I wouldn't exceed 1.8e308. I don't like changing a bunch of values as once, but this will work. If anything is funky, just restart your game. Another approach may be to scan the eggs you have, but doing so, I'd advise you to use ranges: Your display shows 1.5M, scan 1.5e6~1.6e6. Last approach would be to do ordered scans with respect to task list, but this would be limited and tedious depending on what your current tasks are. If you find a solution that allows you to pinpoint an exact address for a successful change, feel free to let me know your approach.
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