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  1. Can anybody figure out how to hack money, and diamonds and other stuffs... Game is server sided on one side... But on other... It can be modded before score when we playing is changed... So there is a catch where is the point to mod stuffs.. For example to get more coins, or diamond etc... But this is job for some advanced users...
  2. Yeap.. Can you get for xp.. And Royal Crowns and Sweet treat tokens..
  3. Can you explain us how to find values?
  4. Where is now data/data/com.turbochilli.rollingsky/shared_prefs/com.turbochilli.rollingsky.xml??? Located?
  5. Man you are the legend... How to find REAL GOLD value and increase it?
  6. I will paid if needed, but to have worked software. If you do not know to fix that it ok, but you need to contact some good developers to help you... Do not be an *****. Every prob have fixand solution. If you dont know it does not mean that is inpossible. King regards..
  7. I dont understand how rom can be bad... If we have access and ability to root also to use lucky patcher... Maybe something in coding of GG is not good. I mean, roms are made for gg not gg for roms I think you need advice from some advanced programmer so solve this... Also on Honor view 10 does not work... It has something with WRITE PERMISSION
  8. It is not same, it is similar... But you will see in the list... All numbers small, except two or three numbers different... Maybe is in your case 100 000 000 and something number _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later That number when i go to address it wont change value in 4 row under so i used 12 row below.
  9. Did someone tried over bluestack 3? I cant get values when i change 4... It just 1 and 0 and some number like 16... Your video is nice...
  10. this is simple, but why you dont use latest version of GG? Also how you setup your igg, you are using older version and it not same like new.. where to get your version of GG?
  11. @NoFear I cant get to that values... Am on BlueStack 3... If you can tell me what is your settings in GG? I thinks that is important, how you tuned your settings in GG... I tried million times, to select 4 hex, also not HEX...
  12. How you mean BROKEN? My is Stock Firmware, Rooted phone.. Everything support it... GG finds values... but it cant EDIT... Maybe there is some workaround... Or what ROM i need to be LEGIT for GG
  13. I tried now, and not working... I cant use previous version, because it force update... So, if you can update this magical values And thanks a lot mate....
  14. @NoFear Yeap, I cant find values on newer version, if you can update... Also, when IGG wil be support OREO, am on Huawei Honor View 10, it find value, but cant edit...
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