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  2. Download X8 Sandbox it has self root and u have to add apps this will run your daemon and if it does not work install the LATEST (101.0) version of game guardian. Downloadc ====> https://x8sb.com/ Thank you.
  3. Why not just use auto clicker app from playstore
  4. This game koS king of streeing peeked my interest i gave it a shot i modified the coins in the shop by doing 5 ;50;100 and then by value by 1 so it becomes like 20 21 22 and so on but then I tried to load the game as it is loading hack my coins and then I modified then it said I was banned for having too much illegal coins so I know it works. Well I think can someone that more experience tell me what they can come up with. Thanks
  5. i dont think thats possible the only group search that is valid is gg.searchNumber("30D;50D;0.2F;", gg.TYPE_DWORD) hmmm i dont get what ur trying to pull here.
  6. Yesterday
  7. You're the man! Great work as always. Unfortunately, not working for me yet. I'm using x8 sandbox. Tried to use Parallel Space a million times before, without success, and rooting my device is not an option for a number of reasons at the moment. Fingers crossed for an updated version that works for everybody that's in the same boat as me. Once again, thank you for the constant update on all your awesome scripts and the new ones! You really must love RR3, even more than me.
  8. Skulus

    Random Dice dump.cs

    Close this thread please
  9. I'm not entirely sure either. Try modded apk. (AGAIN, ARMV8 ONLY) https://sbupload.com/dc2cf1e30d1c5edf
  10. Im trying until now but without any happy ending ahah
  11. Thank you for your info. It's definitely possible cos' some guy hacked some gold(10k) in my account. He only sell gold with cheap prices, but I want to know how to do this on my own.
  12. @Enyby made this program You paste this and run this in the dump folder on a pc. I don't know what this means - get_dll_from_bin.exe
  13. BLaCpO

    FREE FIRE.lua

    View File FREE FIRE.lua HU USER , THAT'S MY FIRST SCRIPT FOR FREE FIRE PLZ SUPPORT Submitter BLaCpO Submitted 02/28/2021 Category Free Fire  
  14. Super_Clone_3.8.30.0210_fix_gg_signed.apk
  15. As far as I remember, I tried it before and it didn't work after that.
  16. "Game Guardian signing" isn't really a thing. Virtual spaces like the one you mentioned are optimized for using game guardian and it's to my understanding that the structure of a given virtual space is what determines it's compatibility. At this point there are already a variety of virtual spaces and virtual machines and it's more than likely that one of those will suffice. Enyby is a rather busy man, so do understand if he does not answer
  17. I would like help to get some health cheat (or anything possible) for this game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aldagames.zombero.bullet.hell&hl=pt_BR&gl=US I have tried finding some values but I just failed. To everyone who give it a try, thanks in advance. PS: There is already a post with some hack working, but the video is in another language i could not understand. Link below. Zombero: Archero Killer (#9xfzeur4)
  18. Hi everyone, now I'm searching for aim lock or just aim or chams hack value. I can turn on or turn off aim assist in game, but it doesn't show me the value. I tried to use scripts for another games,but they doesn't work. If someone have any idea, plz tell me. I have ho ideas
  19. Hey guys.. so.. I've been playing this game called Battle of Warships... I've hacked this already.. the cash and gold, but the only thing that bothers me is the Flags.. so you can equip this flag called the Pirate flag on a ship and greatly increase it's combat capability... But it requires in app purchase.. so is there anyone who can help me get this flag using GG or should I try the ancient Lucky Patcher?
  20. Crystal_Mods100x

    my question

    nah that tells gg to require meaning to need something but if your telling gg to require the latest version then there is a script in downloads to require the latest version of game guardian --if i made a mistake please explain more
  21. Thats it! u know how much power ups u got in one run? imma poke around in pixel force 2 lib to see whats going on in there or maybe make an AndLua external mod menu for this game =)) this is gonna be awesome Power up: value = 1 >increased no power up: value = 0 >decreased
  22. Hello! First post and first time GG user here. Complete noob at this so any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to change the coin values on a slot game titled Jackpot Word on Android - Xiaomi redmi 5 plus, not root, using parallel. I have managed to change the coin values but they revert to the original value after a second or 2. Any ideas on what I can do to make the changes permanent? APK JACKPOT WORLD
  23. I can't find dafu casino... Jackpot world is what comes up when I search
  24. When the title said sky code it meant sky children of light. I seen the request up probably about a month back but the game is too large for me to download:P
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