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  1. Tried playing a game called Maze and when it does its initial startup/download, a popup says its detected an illegal program and shuts the game down. I don't know much about Xigncode except its used on some PC games I've played in the past. Apparently it scans for potential unwanted software, and even when I deny it permission from accessing my files in Storage, it still detects and shuts down. How is an app allowed past Androids permissions?
  2. Not sure where to post this but I felt like sharing it just for the sake of putting it out there. When you get a blackjack on MyVEGAS Blackjack, and do Triple Or Nothing, and slow it down, you can follow which cup has the ball, but it's never 100% where it's supposed to be, here's a vid... Edit: No idea why the video is so huge.. Untitled Project.mp4
  3. Are there any specific indicators of whether or not SELinux hinders how GG works? Like freezes, cannot find/modify values, speedhack/unrandomizer timers functionality, or is it basic trial and error..
  4. Sounds like a lot of trial and error there ? Only thing I figured out how to do was unlimited nitro, but I haven't played the game in a few months, got kinda burnt out
  5. Ok, well at least I can safely format the win7 drive so i can get back some space ?
  6. And yeah i think I remember reading somewhere that the Unrandomizer only works if it sees an algorithm it recognizes. Oh and#20 in the FAQ might need to be changed if Java timers do work in later android versions..
  7. oh....did i misread something in the FAQs in the game then? #7 says speedhack doesnt work with Java timers in an ART environment. So I assumed Java timers in the Unrandomizer wouldnt work either. So I never bothered testing anything in the Java column
  8. Just wanna make sure, I dual booted my computer into Win7 last night and downloaded an old rooted version of Bluestacks that's running KitKat. In the dev options I made sure that the runtime environment was set to Dalvik and not ART. I should now hopefully be able to utilize any green timers under the SpeedHack and Unrandomizer that fall in the Java column right? At least, assuming the timer even does anything.
  9. I just tried on my phone and the same thing happened. What browser are you using?
  10. Made a short video of the problem. You can't go through threads with multiple pages by using the "1/2/3/Next" buttons, it takes you to a semi-blank page. And going Back shows a semi-blank page as well. Going Back again will take you back to the main forum section. The 2 spots where I dimmed and spotlighted an area was cause I used the mouse back button, in case it looked like I was clicking where the mouse pointer was. https://www.sendvid.com/70q3a11g
  11. I made a short video to show what I mean so I don't have trouble explaining it exactly. Basically the sub-categories are greyed out in the pull down menu, and there is no Start New Topic button if you go to said sub-category. Tried it in both Chrome and Firefox. and I made the video in 480 so it's smaller to load/stream, so sorry for it not being clear, but you'll get the jist. https://www.sendvid.com/hq2owlb1
  12. I've tried looking through all available memory locations, as well as being encrypted, and I'm not able to follow a trail without it dropping off. Anyone have any luck? Edit: Whether or not it can be successfully changed I'm not too worried about. I'm just wondering if I'm missing something or if they don't save that specific data in 1 memory address, having it bounce around or whatnot (if that's even a possibility)
  13. Sorry for not responding/thanking, haven't gotten back to whatever it was i was doing where this would help me. Thanks though for pointing me back in the right direction ?
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